Are there Titans in the walls in Attack on Titan?

Fans who are up to date with Attack on Titan remember the shocking revelation that there are Colossal Titans within the walls.

Are all the walls made of Titans?

The walls are all made from 50 meter colossal titans. They are unable to move because it is dark inside the walls and they become immobile in the dark. This is shown in the final episode of the anime after the credits.

How many Titans are in the wall?

Rikao estimated that with the Wall Titans having an approximate height of 45 meters long and a proportion of a width of 13 meters wide, considering the Wall Titans are lined up and shoulder to shoulder, there would be approximately 585,00 Titans all in all within all the Walls.

Who built the wall Attack on Titan?

Karl Fritz
The Walls (壁 Kabe?) were three large structures located on Paradis Island that guarded the remnants of Eldia. They were built by the 145th King of Eldia, Karl Fritz, a century ago using countless Colossus Titans.

Are the Titans inside the wall alive?

Anime movie The lack of sunlight inside the Walls has rendered them immobile ever since, although King Fritz threatened to release them and use them to flatten the Earth should Paradis Island come under attack.

Are the Titans in the wall alive?

Along with the revelation that Titans are former Eldians, it’s revealed that there are Abnormal Titans living in the walls that protect Paradis, and these Titans have a striking resemblance to the Colossal Titan.

Can Titans become human again?

Once a brainless Titan finally finds and eats the spinal fluid of a Titan shifter, that Titan (as seen when Armin ate Bertoldt) will transform back into a human and regain his/her consciousness.

Can pure Titans talk?

This Titan was the first Pure Titan shown to speak words with meaning. The second was Ms. Springer. This Titan was the only common Titan seen that displayed a range of emotions.