Are fireworks illegal in Hong Kong?

Illegal possession or discharge of fireworks and firecrackers carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a HK$25,000 fine under the Dangerous Goods Ordinance.

Will there be fireworks this year in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong government announced yesterday that the annual Lunar New Year Fireworks Display for 2022 has been cancelled. This is the third consecutive year that the event – which is usually held at Victoria Harbour on the second day of the Lunar New Year – has been called off.

Why are there fireworks on Chinese New Year?

Fireworks and firecrackers will be set off to scare away evil spirits and to signal the start of a safe and prosperous new year. Red is considered the colour of luck. Once the new year arrives, new red outfits are worn to visit relatives and friends, to exchange blessings and gifts.

What happens in Hong Kong on the Chinese New Year?

In Hong Kong, people mark the occasion with a unique fusion of modern fun and ancient customs. The three days comprising a night parade, spectacular fireworks, and horse racing often make it to the top of world festival event lists.

Why are fireworks illegal in HK?

Possession of fireworks without permit is prohibited since 1967, following the anti-British riot in that year. It was believed that fireworks were a source of the explosives for the IEDs (hand-made bombs) used in that riot.

Why are firecrackers banned in Hong Kong?

The private use of fireworks and firecrackers was banned in Hong Kong after large-scale riots in the city in 1967. But the ban is sometimes flouted in some villages in the New Territories. Setting off fireworks during Lunar New Year is thought to bring good luck, health and wealth.

Where is countdown in Hong Kong?

Description. The Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board will be held in the West Kowloon Cultural District on 31 December starting from 10pm, offering an exciting outdoor party — the Hong Kong New Year Countdown Concert.

What is there to do in Hong Kong on New Years Eve?

Things to do in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve 2021-2022: Party at these bars and clubs

  • WOOBAR: “Make 2022 Count” New Year’s Eve Countdown Party.
  • The Sixteenth: Disco Countdown Under the Stars.
  • Vibes, The Mira: Disco DeLights New Year’s Eve countdown party.
  • Stockton: God Damn Gatsby New Year’s Countdown Party.
  • Aria.

Does Hong Kong shut down Chinese New Year?

Keep in mind that places like Hong Kong and Taiwan also do large shutdowns for CNY.

Can I wash my body on Lunar New Year?

Clean thyself Yes, that’s right, one does not simply wash their hair or take a shower on the day of Chinese New Year as cleaning yourself on the day is seen as washing away good fortune. Though a thorough scrub of the hair and body is highly encouraged prior in order to rinse off any bad luck.