Are Carthago motorhomes any good?

Carthago motorhomes are truly special, offering outstanding living spaces and impeccable interiors. Manufactured to exceptionally-high standards, they provide unrivalled sophistication to the buyer.

Who makes Carthago motorhome?

Luxury motorhomes from one of the most modern motorhome factories in Europe. Carthago Reisemobilbau was founded in 1979 by Karl-Heinz Schuler. The company is managed by the owner, employs about 1500 staff and is one of Europe’s leading premium manufactures.

What are Carthago motorhomes like?

Dynamic and comfortable – simply Carthago They are the coupés among motorhomes – flat, stylish and dynamic. The slender driver’s cabin gives you a feeling of security and gives the motorhome great handling.

Where are Carthago motorhomes made?

Made in Germany by a German company and based on a German bus. German motorhome builder Carthago currently offers four lines of campers to its customers – from the C-Tourer entry-level series to the Liner For Two range-toppers, all of which use the chassis of a Fiat Ducato.

Who makes carado motorhomes?

the Erwin Hymer Group
Manufactured in Germany and forming part of the Erwin Hymer Group brand, Carado Motorhomes are differentiated from its peers with ‘pure functionality’ at its core, along with a convivial price and retention on quality.

Is carado RV still in business?

As many Aktiv and Road Trek owners know by now, on Feb 15, 2019 Erwin Hymer Group North America, Ontario manufacturer of RoadTrek, Hymer Aktiv, and Carado Class B motorhomes ceased business operations, laid off all their employees, and was placed into receivership by the courts.

Where are carado motorhomes made?


How good are carado motorhomes?

Impressed, they found that the Carado T449 motorhome had all the fixtures and fittings needed for comfortable living and an extended period of freedom camping. The large fridge/freezer, big comfortable island bed and storage space in the rear garage are all highlighted as stand out features of the Carado T449.

What’s happening with Roadtrek?

The Roadtrek brand was acquired by Groupe Rapido in 2019. The acquisition created Roadtrek Inc., headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario Canada with a sole focus on building quality class b motorhomes for the North American market.

How much is a new Roadtrek?

Roadtrek has also added a heavy-duty bug screen to almost all of their new 2021 motorhomes, including the new Play. The magnetic screen can be mounted on the rear and passenger sliding door to help keep bugs out. The Play is their most affordable new model, with an MSRP starting at $104,986.

Are carado motorhomes winterised?

In principle, Carado motorhomes and camper vans are classified as winterised. A reliable motorhome home is one that provides protection from the cold and damp, as well as a constant supply of gas, water and electricity.