Will I like Dragon Age if I liked Mass Effect?

Dragon Age: Origins BioWare’s other premiere RPG series Dragon Age is also a perfect candidate for Mass Effect fans. While it may not feature a sci-fi setting, many of the game’s mechanics are very similar to those found in Mass Effect.

Is Mass Effect similar to Kotor?

The Mass Effect Series Mass Effect is the first game on our list that reminds of us KOTOR. It was also developed by BioWare, so it has a lot of similar qualities as KOTOR and brings some new elements that you may enjoy.

How true of an RPG is Mass Effect?

character background and story: granted mass effect does have a Little back ground selection but it doesn’t go to far. You really can’t be much more then a liberial goodie two shoes or jack @@@ cop. There just very little character customization. So in all mass effect is not a rpg but a action third person shooter.

What’s better Dragon Age or Mass Effect?

6 Mass Effect: The Story Has A Better Flow From Game To Game There’s no doubt that Dragon Age has an equally good story, specifically in Origins, but Mass Effect had far better flow between their games. Since they were all tied together in a trilogy, everything slowly began building atop each other.

Is Mass Effect a spiritual successor to KOTOR?

In many ways, the first Mass Effect game feels like a spiritual successor to KOTOR. Both have customizable characters, multiple classes, a morality system, branching dialogue trees, and a cast of beloved crewmates with which each protagonist can build relationships.

Is KOTOR or Mass Effect better?

ME2 made Mass Effect the better series overall with its continuity and quality. Three was almost as good as two. Well, considering the disparity between the two in gameplay… Now, if we’re comparing KOTOR 2 vs the entirety of the Mass Effect series on world building and what it shows us alone, then I’d say KOTOR 2.

Is Mass Effect Andromeda an RPG?

It is a new science-fantasy RPG series from the developers Piranha Bytes who previously worked on Gothic and Risen. It’s an incredibly deep and complex game that blends medieval with technology. Additionally, the world-building and character development are up there with the best of the AAA efforts.

Is me3 an RPG?

For Mass Effect 3, BioWare has built a game allowing for multiple different play-style choices: action, story, and RPG.