Why is there a shortage of reloading primers?

When it comes to ammunition supplies, bullets are easy to manufacture, brass can be re-used, and powder is generally stockpiled by companies (though perhaps not the kind you’re looking for). This leaves primers, which are relatively difficult to make, as the component that causes the bulk of ammo shortages.

Why is there a shortage of reloading supplies?

Handloading today has been affected by many factors. A million new gun owners, the political climate and the COVID pandemic have all combined to create shortages of ammunition, bullets, primers and powders. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find exactly what you are looking for in any of these categories.

What are CCI 41 primers for?

Number 41 Mil-spec primers are made to the same specifications of the U.S. Military and reduce the chances of a slam-fire. While designed for you in Military-style semi-auto rifles, they use the same data as CCI magnum primers. Note from CCI: Effective slam-fire prevention requires more than mil-spec primers.

Who makes CCI primers?

Vista Outdoor
CCI (Cascade Cartridge Inc.), based in Lewiston, Idaho, manufactures rimfire ammunition, centerfire handgun ammunition, and primers for reloaders and industrial power loads….CCI (ammunition)

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Lewiston, Idaho , United States
Products Ammunition
Owner Vista Outdoor
Website https://www.cci-ammunition.com/

Is there an ammo shortage in 2022?

When Will the Great Ammo Shortage End? – Many gun owners are demanding more bullets, shells, and cartridges; 2022 is another year of ammunition shortages. This situation has been playing out since at least 2020. Many shelves are bare, and panic buying online and in stores has caused even more shortfalls.

Why is Hodgdon powder not available?

The current powder situation is due to a record demand for all reloading components and NOT a reduction in the supply of powder. With long-time handloaders looking to stock up and new gun owners looking for ammunition, there is an unprecedented demand for powder and other reloading components.

What are CCI 450 primers used for?

The CCI #450 Small Rifle Primers are easier to ignite and easier to seat, making them a great choice for reloading. CCI’s #450 Small Rifle Primers are available in singles and strips making them perfect for single stage or progressing reloading.

What are CCI military primers?

CCI 7.62mm NATO-Spec Military Primers are a military large rifle primer containing magnum priming mix. The CCI #34 primers are a great choice for reloaders that use military cartridges. These primers are specially made to be harder to ignite which prevents slam fires in military type rifles with a floating firing pin.

Is CCI still in business?

The Omark Company purchased CCI in 1967. Omark was purchased by Blount International in 1985. As of February 2015, it was a subsidiary of Vista Outdoor, a spinoff of Alliant Techsystems.

Does federal ammunition own CCI?

CCI Ammo Information CCI Ammunition is well known for their famed CCI Mini-Mag line of rimfire cartridges and is a world leader in rimfire ammunition production and quality. CCI is owned by ATK which also owns Federal Premium Ammunition as well as a number of other shooting sports brands.