Why is it called The Seven Storey Mountain?

The title refers to the mountain of purgatory from Dante’s Purgatorio. The Seven Storey Mountain was published in 1948 and was unexpectedly successful. The first printing was planned for 7,500 copies, but pre-publication sales exceeded 20,000.

When did Thomas Merton write seven storey mountains?

The Seven Storey Mountain is the autobiography of Thomas Merton, a Trappist monk and a noted author. Merton finished the book in 1946 when he was thirty-one years old, and it was published in 1948.

What order was Thomas Merton?

The Trappists are considered one of the most ascetic of the Roman Catholic monastic orders, and there Merton grew as a mystic and pursued imaginative spiritual quests through dozens of writings. He was ordained a priest in 1949.

Did Thomas Merton become a Buddhist?

Thomas Merton OCSO (January 31, 1915 – December 10, 1968) was an American Trappist monk, writer, theologian, mystic, poet, social activist and scholar of comparative religion….Thomas Merton.

The Reverend Thomas Merton OCSO
Religion Catholicism
Church Latin Church
Ordained 1949
Writings The Seven Storey Mountain (1948)

Is Thomas Merton a saint?

He will not become a saint because of his radical pacificism, which caused him to be censored even in his lifetime; because his curiosity regarding Eastern contemplative traditions struck some as heretical; and because he admitted to a variety of sins throughout his career that would give ammunition to his opponents.

Who wrote The Seven Story Mountain?

Thomas MertonThe Seven Storey Mountain / Author

Thomas Merton (1915-1968) is arguably the most influential American Catholic author of the twentieth century. His autobiography, The Seven Storey Mountain, has millions of copies and has been translated into over fifteen languages.

Which Thomas Merton book should I read first?

Contemplative Prayer For one, we would even say that this is the best Thomas Merton book to begin with. It was published in the year of 1969, posthumously.

What is the meaning of Merton?

lake and settlement
Merton (plural Mertons) Any of several placenames in England from words meaning lake and settlement.

How old was Thomas Merton when he died?

53 years (1915–1968)Thomas Merton / Age at death

What did Thomas Merton believe?

Merton lived the public world, the world of words and politics, but knew that living in it had killed him. (“Thomas Merton is dead.”) He sought the peace of pure and silent contemplation, but came to believe that the value of that experience is to send us back into the world that killed us.

Where does the name Merton come from?

The names Mitcham, Merton and Morden are all Anglo-Saxon in origin. The name Merton dates from the 10th Century, and means ‘farmstead by the pool’. The area changed hands again in 1066 when knights under the Duke of Normandy crossed the English Channel and defeated King Harold II at Hastings.