Why is Daytona so popular?

These watches soon became known as the Daytona, named after Daytona Beach, Florida, which is home to some of the biggest names in auto racing. The watches were very popular in the racing community, due to their usefulness when calculating average lap speed.

How many Rolex Daytona rainbows were made?

Rolex produces only a handful of Rainbows each year, partially due to the difficulty of sourcing the 36 perfectly matched, colored sapphires that create a mesmerizing ombré effect on the bezel. The dial, with shimmery pink Gold Crystal chronograph counters, is set with sapphire-baguette indexes in matching shades.

Which Rolex Daytona is the best investment?

1. John Mayer Daytona – Yellow Gold & Green Dial. The best Rolex 2022 investment watch in terms of monetary gains is the solid yellow gold green dial John Mayer Daytona. This reference has an MSRP of $37,550 and has been seen listed as high as $85,500 on online marketplaces like Chrono24.

What is the most coveted Rolex?

Which are the most coveted Rolex watches?

  • Paul Newman Daytona ref. 6239.
  • Pepsi GMT-Master II.
  • Rolex Submariner 16610LV “The Hulk”
  • Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman”
  • The Bao Dai Rolex.
  • Cosmograph Platinum Zenith Daytona ref.

Why is a Daytona more expensive?

Demand & Supply. Demand and supply is ultimately the main reason for sky-rocketing Rolex prices. Although Rolex produces a lot of watches each year—around 800,000—demand is still too much, which is why you will find yourself on a waiting list if you ask for one at a local AD.

What is the waiting list for a Rolex Daytona?

1-3 years
Even for precious metal references the wait is extremely long. For most qualifying clients, the waitlist for the Rolex Daytona is 1-3 years.

Which Rolex is hardest to get?

In writing moments, the Rolex models that are the hardest to get are the Daytona 116500, 126710BLNR, 126710BLRO, 116610LN, 114060, 126711CHNR, 116610LN, 116610LV. So there are still other sports models from Rolex that are relatively easy to get a hold of.

Is Rainbow Daytona discontinued?

As a result, very few Rainbow Daytonas were produced and the model is now discontinued. Today, the watch has soared to new heights in popularity due to its utter rarity and impressive looks. Due to a lack of supply on the market, the Rainbow Daytona is often not available to those even willing to pay a premium.