Why does my Toro sprinkler system run twice?

The answer is usually there are too many programmed start times — program start times are being confused with zone (station) run times. Some controllers have up to eight start times per day to a single program (e.g. A).

How do you troubleshoot a sprinkler timer?

Check the Box (Not all timers have fuses, but some older ones do.) Open the sprinkler timer box to check the fuses; if any are broken, replace them. The problem could also be the sprinkler system’s antenna, which is often powered by a 9-volt battery. Replace the battery and see if that helps.

How do I reset my Toro sprinkler timer?

How to Set the Timer for Toro Sprinkler Systems

  1. Turn the program dial to the “Auto/On” setting.
  2. Slide the program switch to the zone you wish to program.
  3. Turn the Toro Sprinkler timer dial to the “Set Time/Day” position.
  4. Turn the dial to the “Set Watering Days” position.

What is the 24VAC out for on a sprinkler timer?

Applying 24VAC on the two wires energizes the coil, and causes the rod to contract into the solenoid. This releases the internal water pressure thus opening the valve, allowing water to flow through the valve. Removing the voltage causes the rod to revert back to its original position.

Why does my irrigation system keep running?

One of the most common reasons for a valve to keep running continuously is the accumulation of debris in the diaphragm, which prevents the valve from closing. This video will teach you how to clean the diaphragm on your valve. The most common reason for a valve to remain on, or weep, is debris.

Why is my sprinkler controller not working?

If the system doesn’t seem to be running, check that the controller is set to auto or run. Remember: while scheduled settings may be programmed, they are not activated until the controller is set to auto. If you see that the controller is set to run, the start time may not have been saved.

What is the common wire on a sprinkler system?

Cut Common Wire The common wire is usually white in color and runs from your controller to your master cylinder and then to each of the other valves on your irrigation system in turn. If something happens to cut your common wire, then every valve after the cut will fail to turn on when activated.

What is MV on a sprinkler timer?

On many irrigation controllers, the master valve is labeled “M” or “MV”.