Why did my Coke and Mentos experiment not work?

Drop in at least 5 mints at once – too few and the reaction is less impressive. Ensure you use a 2L bottle of drink, smaller bottles don’t work – they don’t have enough CO2 in them to make a good geyser. We prefer diet drinks to regular ones as they contain less sugar.

Will any flavored Mentos affect the explosion?

Does the flavor of Mentos affect the explosion? The answer is yes. But it has nothing to do with the mint Mentos’ actual flavor. The mint Mentos mixed with diet coke usually explodes the longer and higher while fruit Mentos has a more delayed and less impressive reaction.

How high can Mentos and Coke go?

When mint or fruit Mentos are dropped into a fresh bottle of Diet Coke, a jet of Coke whooshes out of the bottle’s mouth and can reach a height of 10 metres.

What else besides Mentos makes Coke explode?

As well as the Icebreakers frost. Overall, Mentos, Lifesavers, Icebreaker Frost mints made Diet Coke explode, and Pop Rocks failed to explode Diet Coke.

Why is Diet Coke better for Mentos?

Diet Coke and Coke Zero react better with Mentos than regular Coke does because of the absence of sugar. A lack of sugar makes the soda mixture less viscous, given the presence of sweeteners, like aspartame, lowering the surface tension even more than usual.

Does 7up explode with Mentos?

This is an urban myth. It’s true that putting Mentos into a bottle of Coke will cause an impressive geyser of soda to erupt from the bottle. However, you won’t get the same effect from eating Mentos after drinking Coke.

Do all Mentos react with Coke?

Any Carbonated Beverage Works The trick works with any carbonated beverage. It works with regular cola, orange soda, root beer, etc. It’s actually very cool when performed with tonic water under a black light because you get a glowing blue fountain. However, you can use seltzer water (very easy cleanup) or any soda.

What can I use instead of Mentos in Coke?

You can substitute another candy for the Mentos, such as M&Ms or Skittles, but ideally, you want candies that stack into a neat column with minimal space between them, have a chalky consistency, and barely fit through the mouth of a 2-liter bottle. Similarly, you could substitute normal soda for diet soda.