Who would win Spider-Man vs Wolverine?

Spider-Man is already significantly stronger than Wolverine, meaning that if there are any bodies of water around the pair when they fight, Logan’s already a goner, but even if not, Spider-Man also carries around a rapid-setting adhesive that could cut off Wolverine’s oxygen if Spidey was prepared to get in close.

How much is Spider-Man vs Wolverine worth?

Story epilogues continues in Amazing Spider-Man #289 and Web of Spider-Man #29. 64 pages, FC….Spider-Man vs. Wolverine (1987 Marvel) 1st Edition comic books.

$15 Spider-Man vs Wolverine #1 Marvel Comics 1987 VG/FN
$113 Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1 (1987) Marvel CGC 9.6 White 1st Charlemagne
$120 Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1 (1987) CGC 9.4 White Pages Owsley “Charlemagne”

How much is a number 1 Spider-Man comic book worth?

1 Amazing Spider-Man #1 — $1,450,000 1 #1. In 2016, a 9.6 CGC-rated book sold for $450,000. A 9.8 will go for $1.45 million.

Has Spider-Man beaten Wolverine?

Spider-Man would beat Wolverine in almost every fight they ever have, especially if he knows about Logan’s healing factor, so he doesn’t hold back. He might not be able to kill Wolverine, but Spider-Man is stronger, faster, smarter, and overall more powerful than Wolverine.

Who can defeat Spider-Man?

There is a reason the Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis, because at the end of the day, the villain has always defeated Spidey in the biggest and most heart-wrenching ways. This one, however, will likely forever stand as the villain’s most infamous win.

What is Wolverine #4 worth?

Naturally Wolverine is there to save her. 32 pages, FC Cover price $1.50. The listings below are from eBay, and MyComicShop is not responsible for these items in any way….Wolverine comic books issue 4.

$8 Wolverine 1989 #4 Very Fine
$125 WOLVERINE #4 CGC 9.4
$130 Wolverine #4 (1989) CGC 9.4 WP Claremont “Bloodsport – Roughouse” “NEWSSTAND”

What is Superman #1 worth?

The mint condition value of Superman #1 is unknown. The highest-rated CGC copy to sell publicly is an unrestored 5.5 that sold for $214,000. An unrestored 5.0 sold for $360,000 in July 2020, which is a decrease from its April 2019 value of $456,000. An unrestored 4.0 sold for the cost of $348,000.

Can Black Panther beat Spider-Man?

The biggest issue or threat in this fight is Spider-man’s Speed & Reflexes (Spidey Sense). Black Panther absolutely has NO counter or answer for Spideys superior Speed, and its the very thing Id say makes it quite understandable why some would say Peter wins.