Who would win in a fight Danzo and Itachi?

Itachi will win. Yet Danzo can’t beat MS Sasuke, and Edo Itachi is near EMS Sasuke’s level.

What episode is Itachi vs Danzo?

“The Forbidden Visual Jutsu” (禁じられた瞳術, Kinjirareta Dōjutsu) is episode 210 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Why is Shisui so overrated?

Shisui is definitely overrated simply because we know none of his feats except that he and a young Itachi held off some of ROOT and forced them to retreat. Him getting blitzed by Danzo was mainly because he was weakened by inhaling gas.

Can shisui beat Danzo?

9 CAN’T BEAT: DANZO SHIMURA Danzo made others to do his bidding for him. Danzo actually attached Shisui and took his eye; Shisui could have easily killed him, however, this would have caused a huge ruckus within the Hidden Leaf and pushed the Leaf towards a certain war.

Can Danzo beat Pain?

I never heard anyone argue that Danzo can defeat Pain. While I can’t remember how many he had exactly I think it came around to 10 sharingan on his arm and one in his right eye socket. Leaving 10 minutes of Izanagi, which means he can die and come back for a total of 10 minutes.

What happens in episode 211 of Naruto: Shippūden?

Sasuke and Danzō are stabbed by each other’s Chidori Sharp Spear and Wind Release: Vacuum Blade respectively.

Is Danzo immortal?

4 Danzo – The Uchiha Genocide Danzo did not even order the attack to the benefit of the Leaf. He collected the eyes of the piling Uchiha corpses, working them into his arm and effectively making himself an immortal ninja.

Who is stronger Minato or Itachi?

While both Minato and Itachi have a superhuman battle sense and strategic mindset, Itachi has a severe advantage in this field. It is mainly because of his Sharingan. His Kekkei Genkai amplifies his analytical thinking in battle.

How many Sharingan does Danzo?

Danzō’s right arm originally belonged to Shin Uchiha and was implanted with ten Sharingan and was enhanced with Hashirama Senju’s DNA. Ao also noted that the colour of the chakra in his right arm was also that of Shisui’s.

In which EP Danzo dies?

Naruto dies during episode 211 in Naruto Shippuden. It happens during the Five Kage Summit when Sasuke attacks all the Kage. Sasuke goes after Danzo after he learns the truth about what really happened to the Uchiha clan.