Who won Worlds 2014 Video Game Masters Division with a Pachirisu on their team?

He then proceeded to win the 2014 Pokémon World Championships in Washington, D.C., defeating Jeudy Azzarelli in the Masters Division finals. Park was notable for being the first South Korean to win the Pokémon World Championships and to win with a Pachirisu in his team, which was much adored by fans.

Who is the Pokémon TCG World Champion?

Trading Card Game (TCG)

Year Juniors Masters
2016 Shunto Sadahiro Shintaro Ito
2017 Tobias Strømdahl Diego Cassiraga
2018 Naohito Inoue Robin Schulz
2019 Haruki Miyamoto Henry Brand

Will there be a 2021 Pokemon World Championship?

The World Championships were initially intended to be held at ExCeL London from August 14 to 16, 2020, but were canceled along with the 2020 Play! Pokémon Championship Series as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, being moved to August 2021. The World Championships were subsequently moved to 2022.

Why did Se Jun Park Use Pachirisu?

Sejun has a long and storied history with the pure Electric-type Pachirisu, dating back to before his 2014 Worlds run, where he used Pachirisu as a sort of anti-meta tank in his team because he predicted that no one would expect the little squirrel to be present at the event.

Is Pachirisu bulky?

– Pachirisu is not bulky at all. With 60/70/90 for bulk, Pachirisu is more or less as bulky as Weavile. In other words Pachirisu has to rely completely on its EV investment to take hits.

Who won Pokemon Championship 2019?

Haruki Miyamoto of Japan became the new World Champion with a record of 8-1-1.

Is Pokemon cancelled?

Pokémon event series remains suspended, with all sanctioned events — including League Challenge, League Cup, Premier Challenger and Midseason Showdown — also on hold until further notice. Online competitions will continue through several new series, including the Pokémon Players Cup and the Play!

What do you get if you win the Pokemon World Tournament?

Pokémon TCG World Championships Prizes

Finish Position Award Value
1st place $25,000
2nd place $15,000
3rd–4th place $7,500
5th–8th place $5,000