Who won the 1993 Notre Dame Florida State game?

In just three plays, Ward led Florida State to the Notre Dame 14 with three seconds to play. On the last play of the game, Ward rolled out and had his final pass attempt batted down by Notre Dame cornerback Shawn Wooden, giving the Irish a 31–24 victory.

Has Florida State ever beat Notre Dame?

First matchup: 10/10/1981. Series record: FSU has 6 wins to Notre Dame’s 4. Current streak: Notre Dame 2-game winning streak. Last game: Notre Dame 42-26 win over Florida State (.

Who did Notre Dame lose to in 1993?

Boston College
Remembering Notre Dame’s 1993 loss to Boston College, as the 2020 season begins to parallel that Irish team. The students stormed the field as Charlie Ward’s last gasp was batted to the grass. Notre Dame had upset the No. 1 team in the country, in this case Florida State.

Who won the 1992 national championship?

1992 Alabama Crimson Tide football
The 1992 Crimson Tide won their twentieth Southeastern Conference title by defeating the Florida Gators 28–21 on December 5 in the inaugural SEC Championship Game….1992 Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

1992 Alabama Crimson Tide football
Consensus national champion SEC champion SEC Western Division champion Sugar Bowl champion
Record 13–0 (8–0 SEC)

Who was the quarterback for Notre Dame in 1993?

Paul Failla
List of Notre Dame Fighting Irish starting quarterbacks

Year Name Number of starts
1993 Paul Failla 1
Kevin McDougal 11
1992 Rick Mirer 12
1991 Paul Failla 1

How many times has FSU played Notre Dame?

Notre Dame and Florida State have met eleven times, first when both were strong independents and now as part of Notre Dame’s commitment to scheduling ACC schools. This series began in South Bend, in 1981. Florida State won 19–13. Notre Dame won the second contest, however, in 1993, in South Bend, by a score of 31–24.

When was the last time Florida State played Notre Dame?

As I write this, preparations are being made for the Champs Sports Bowl football game to be played by Florida State and Notre Dame in Orlando on December 28, 2011….

10/10/1981 in South Bend 11/13/1993 in South Bend 11/12/1994 in Orlando
01/01/1996, Orange Bowl in Miami 10/26/2002 in Tallahassee 11/01/2003 in South Bend

Who won the national championship in 1991?

15 in the AP poll. Washington posted a 15-point victory at No. 9 Nebraska in September, a seven-point win at No. 7 California in October, and repeated as Pac-10 champions….1991 NCAA Division I-A football season.

1991 NCAA Division I-A season
Heisman Trophy Desmond Howard (Wide receiver, Michigan)
Champion(s) Miami (FL) (AP) Washington (Coaches, FWAA)

Who won the Sugar Bowl in 1993?

Alabama would get the win over Miami, 34-13, to finish the season 13-0 and lay claim to the 12th national championship in program history….1993 Sugar Bowl.

Miami Hurricanes Alabama Crimson Tide
13 34
Head coach: Dennis Erickson Head coach: Gene Stallings
AP Coaches 1 1 AP Coaches 2 2