Who were the three Canadians that won the Victoria Cross?


Name Date of action Unit
Hampden Cockburn 1900 Royal Canadian Dragoons
Robert Combe 1917* 27th Battalion, CEF
Frederick Coppins 1918 8th Battalion, CEF
Aubrey Cosens 1945* 1st Battalion, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada

Has a civilian received a Purple Heart?

The most recent Purple Hearts presented to non-military personnel occurred after the terrorist attacks at Khobar Towers, Saudi Arabia, in 1996—for their injuries, about 40 U.S. civil service employees received the award.

Who has a Purple Heart?

Purple Heart

Name Date of birth Date of death
Abercrombie, Alexander Miller “Alex” 07-05-1921 18-04-1945
Abercrombie, William Warner 24-07-1914 04-06-1942
Abernathy, Elmer Paul (USN) 14-06-1899 15-12-1990
Abney, Grady 00-00-1916 20-09-1945

Who was the last person to receive the Victoria Cross?

The most recent was awarded to Lance Corporal Joshua Leakey of 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment, whose VC was gazetted in February 2015, following an action in Afghanistan on 22 August 2013.

Who was the first black recipient of the Victoria Cross?

William Hall
William Hall was the first Black person, the first Nova Scotian and one of the first Canadians to receive the British Empire’s highest award for bravery, the Victoria Cross. The son of former American slaves, Hall was born in 1827 at Horton, Nova Scotia, where he also attended school.

Which regiment has the most Victoria Crosses?

The Royal Artillery
The Royal Artillery is the corps that has won the highest number of Victoria Crosses since its institution. This unit has won the Victoria Cross 51 times, the Royal Engineers have won the Victoria Cross 41 times and the Royal Army Medical Corps which won the Victoria Cross 27 times.

Do Purple Heart recipients get money?

Purple Heart recipients will get full benefits no matter how long they spent on active duty — and they get the full benefits offered in the bill.

Can I look up Purple Heart recipients?

How do I locate a Purple Heart recipient in the Roll of Honor Online? First select “Roll of Honor” from the links at the top of the homepage of this website. Second, type the name of the individual you are looking for (Last Name, First Name only). Select the search button.

Are Purple Heart recipients public record?

The awarding of Purple Hearts was a decentralized process and there is no single collection of records for purple heart award files. General orders awarding Purple Hearts are typically found in individual unit records or the records of the military hospital where the soldier was treated.