Who were the original Bald Knobbers?

Baldknobbers Original Cast, Bill Mabe, Bob Mabe, Delbert Howard, left to right back, and front left, Jim Mabe, Lyle Mabe & Chick Allen. It has been 60 years since the Mabe brothers, Bill, Bob, Delbert, Jim and Lyle Mabe, started the original Baldknobbers Jamboree in 1959.

Were the Bald Knobbers real?

Though the violence continued for a short time, by 1899, the era of the Bald Knobbers had run its course. The Bald Knobbers were, in actuality, no different from hundreds of other law and order groups, which increased after the Civil War.

How did the Bald Knobbers get their name?

In 1883 a group of men, led by Nathaniel Kinney formed a group to protect Taney County citizens against the actions of the “outlaws” who had come into the area. They got their name, “Bald Knobbers” because they met on the bald area on top of one of the areas mountains and were known for the distinctive masks they wore.

What did Bald Knobbers do?

The name came from the Bald Knob hilltops on which the Taney County group met. After the Civil War justice on the area was minimal. In the beginning the Baldknobbers were a group of men dedicated to bring law and order back to the area.

What happened to the Bald Knobbers in Branson?

Baldknobbers name new venue for new show; Mabe family moving after 50 years at same theater. The venue formerly known as the New Shanghai Theatre will now be called the Branson Famous Theatre, and be home to the “Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers” show, as well as “the Buck Trent Country Music Show.”

What is the meaning of Bald Knob?

The group got its name from the grassy bald knob summits of the nearby Ozark Mountains. The hill where they first met, Snapp’s Bald, is located just north of Kirbyville, Missouri.

Who is Alf Bolin?

There was absolutely nothing good about Alf Bolin. During the Civil War in Taney and Ozark Counties in southern Missouri, he was the cruelest man alive. He robbed and killed without mercy, anybody that got near him or stood in his way. Old timers said he was the meanest, ugliest looking man south of the north pole.

What happened to the Mabe family?

Who owns Bald Knobbers Branson?

When the March announcement was made, the show’s general manager and emcee, Brandon Mabe, said his grandmother, Katie Mabe, who is the sole owner of Baldknobbers, Inc., was planning to sell the venue with an asking price of $3.5 million. The theater could still be sold before the scheduled foreclosure sale.

When did the Bald Knobbers start?

It’s the longest running family show in Branson: the Baldknobbers. They started in 1959 performing by the lake-front, which is now the Branson Landing.

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