Who were the contestants in X Factor 2009?


Act Age(s) Result
Joe McElderry 18 Winner
Olly Murs 25 Runner-Up
Stacey Solomon 20 3rd Place
Danyl Johnson 27 4th Place

Who were the 2009 X Factor finalists?

The final twelve acts of the 2009 X-Factor included Lloyd Daniels, Rikki Loney, Joe McElderry, Rachel Adedeji, Lucie Jones, Stacey Solomon, Jamie Archer (aka Jamie Afro), Danyl Johnson, and Olly Murs, as well as the groups John & Edward (the infamous Jedward) Kandy Rain, and Miss Frank.

Who came first on X Factor 2009?

Series 6 – 2009 Winner: Joe McElderry Joe McElderry won the X Factor after appearing on the show for the second time in 2009 beating Olly Murs, who now presents the show.

Who came second in X Factor 2009?

Joe McElderry won X Factor after appearing on the show for the second time in 2009 beating Olly Murs. But despite huge success, the 24-year-old has not enjoyed as much time in the limelight as his cheeky chappie runner-up.

Who won xfactor UK 2010?

Matt Cardle
Matt Cardle was crowned winner in 2010, but he was quickly overshadowed by the global success of boy band One Direction, who were runners-up. After winning the show, Matt was nominated for a BRIT award for his winner’s single, a cover of the Biffy Clyro track When We Collide.

What happened to Jamie Pugh Britain’s got talent?

The message says: “Jamie Pugh is now working with Music Wales Ltd., Wales’s biggest music company. His album, entitled Bring Him Home, is currently being recorded with the Welsh Television Orchestra and will be released worldwide on May 2.”

Who won the 2009 BGT?

DiversityBritain’s Got Talent – Season 3 / Winner
Series 3 (2009) The series was won by dance troupe Diversity, with singer Susan Boyle coming in second, and saxophonist Julian Smith placing third. It is the highest watched series in the history of Britain’s Got Talent, attracting an average of over 13.3 million viewers.