Who was Damien in The Omen?

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Who played Damien in the 1976 film The Omen?

star Harvey Spencer Stephens
The actor who played Damien in the film The Omen has been sentenced for a road rage attack. Harvey Spencer Stephens, 46, lashed out at two cyclists after getting out of his car following a dispute on 21 August last year, a court heard.

Who played Damien in the first omen?

Harvey Spencer Stephens
Harvey Spencer Stephens (born 12 November 1970) is an English actor and animator. He became world famous when he took on the role of devil child Damien Thorn in the 1976 film The Omen, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Acting Debut in a Motion Picture – Male.

Why did the nanny hang herself in The Omen?

Holly has been Damien Thorn’s nanny since the Thorns moved to England when Damien was a toddler. During Damien’s fifth birthday party, Holly comes across a Hellhound, which looks her in the eye and influences her into killing herself for Damien.

Was Damien evil in The Omen?

Damien Thorn is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of The Omen franchise. He is the Antichrist and the son of the Devil. The character has been portrayed by Harvey Spencer Stephens, Jonathan Scott-Taylor, Sam Neill, Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick and Bradley James….

Damien Thorn
Created by David Seltzer

What happened to Damien in The Omen?

Damien is one of the only two characters to appear in more than one of the original Omen films, the other being Carl Bugenhagen. In the original ending for The Omen, Robert managed to stab and kill Damien with the Daggers of Megiddo before the former was shot.

What movie has Damian in it?

The Omen
Written by David Seltzer
Produced by Harvey Bernhard
Starring Gregory Peck Lee Remick David Warner Billie Whitelaw
Cinematography Gilbert Taylor

What happens to Damien in The Omen?

What happened to Damian in The Omen?

Is Damien an evil name?

Damien Thorn is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of The Omen franchise. He is the Antichrist and the son of the Devil….

Damien Thorn
Last appearance Damien (2016)
Created by David Seltzer

Who is Damien’s real mother?

Maria Avedici Santoya
Maria Avedici Santoya was the alias of a female jackal, who was Damien Thorn’s biological mother.

What happens to Damien after The Omen?

Under a week after Robert and Kathy’s funeral, Damien is adopted by his adoptive uncle Richard, and his wife Ann. He is enrolled in Davidson Military Academy alongside his cousin Mark, with whom he develops a brotherly bond.