Who was Catherine the Great AP euro?

Catherine the Great of Russia (1762-1796) She planned to abolish serfdom, but with 95% of Russia’s economy being agriculture, the move would be very unpopular among the aristocrats. She even took it a step further and imposed serfdom on Ukrainians, who had otherwise remained free.

Who was the most enlightened ruler?

Among the most prominent enlightened despots were Frederick II (the Great), Peter I (the Great), Catherine II (the Great), Maria Theresa, Joseph II, and Leopold II.

Who is Adam Smith AP euro?

Adam Smith. a Scotish economist who wrote Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations who believed economic liberty was the foundation of natural economic system.

What did Catherine the Great do?

She led her country into full participation in the political and cultural life of Europe. She championed the arts and reorganized the Russian law code. She also significantly expanded Russian territory. Today Catherine is a source of national pride for many Russians.

Was Catherine an absolute monarch?

Yes, Catherine the Great was an absolute monarch. Her authority, and the authority of previous and subsequent Russian rulers, was unlimited.

Who is Colbert AP euro?

Jean Baptiste-Colbert was the controller of general finances. His central principle was that the wealth and the economy of France should serve the state and he rigorously applied mercantilism to France. He believed that France should be self sufficient and supported both new and old French industries.

What is Fronde AP euro?

Fronde. A series of revolts by French nobles against the authority of Louis XIV, Cardinal Jules Mazarin, and Anne of Austria triggered by objections to high taxes and increasing royal power. Fronde was the name of a child slingshot game.

Why are Frederick the Great of Prussia and Catherine?

Why are Frederick the Great of Prussia and Catherine the Great of Russia considered “enlightened despots”? B. they introduced social and political reforms meant to benefit the common people.

How did Catherine the Great rise to power?

When the conspiracy was uncovered in July 1762, Catherine moved quickly, gaining the support of the country’s most powerful military regiment and arranging for her husband’s arrest. On July 9, just six months after becoming czar, Peter abdicated, and Catherine was proclaimed sole ruler.