Who owns waiakea water company?

Ryan Emmons
Bottled water brand Waiakea has “never claimed” to be spring water, founder and CEO Ryan Emmons has insisted in the wake of media reports in Hawaii alleging that the company uses a municipal water source, yet appears to imply, through the way it markets the water, that it is selling spring water.

What does Waiākea mean?

broad waters
Waiākea, which means “broad waters” in Hawaiian, gets its name from the ancient subdivision (ahupua’a) in Hilo on the Big Island, which gets almost 360 days of rain each year.

Who owns Hawaii volcanic water?

Hawai’i Volcanic Naturally Alkaline Water is Hawai’i’s #1 premium drinking water brand from Hawai’i, for Hawai’i. Founded by husband and wife Jason and Channon Donovan in 2014, the “Patagonia” inspired company is a purpose-driven, super-premium, naturally alkaline beverage and active lifestyle brand based in Hawai’i.

Is Ryan Emmons Hawaiian?

Meet: Ryan Emmons, founder and CEO of Waiākea, which produces and sells Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. Ryan was born and raised in California, but spent a lot of time with his family in Hawaii, where he says he “gained an incredible appreciation for the environment.”

Is waiakea water better than Fiji?

Our Take On It: Fiji is admirable for its natural alkalinity and taste, as well as its natural volcanic filtration process that is similar to Waiakea. While Fiji definitely values the integrity of its water source, environmental practices are not in place to preserve the ecosystem from which it comes.

Who owns Hawaiian Springs water?

Tamiko Broms –
Tamiko Broms – CEO – Hawaiian Springs Natural Artesian Water | LinkedIn.

Is Waiākea ethical?

Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was created in 2012 not only to be an ethically sourced premium water brand, but according to its founder, to change the consumer packaged goods industry from the inside out.

Is waiakea water ethically sourced?

CERTIFIED CARBONNEUTRAL® From source to sip, Waiākea is certified CarbonNeutral with projects supporting electrification, conservation, and reforestation.

Where is waiakea bottled?

PREMIUM BY NATURE™ Completely isolated from the rest of the world, Waiākea® offers purity in its ultimate form. Located just outside the quiet town of Hilo and surrounded by rich, bio-diverse forest preserves, a deep well source sits at the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano, one of the purest environments on Earth.

Which is the best water in the world?

1) Switzerland Switzerland is repeatedly recognized as a country with the best quality tap water in the world. The country has strict water treatment standards and superior natural resources with an average rainfall per year of 60.5 inches.