Who owns Sappi paper?

Regarding who “actually owns” Sappi, as shareholders or as lenders, there is only one, single, beneficial equity owner, the Public Investment Corporation (PIC), a South African Government wholly-owned investment management company whose “chief client”, per its website, is the Government Employees Pension Fund.

Is Sappi a government company?

Company Profile and History Sappi Limited, a corporation organised under the laws of the Republic of South Africa, was formed in 1936 and is a major, vertically integrated international pulp and paper producer.

Where is Sappi paper made?

central Maine
Located on 2,500 acres of land in central Maine, our Somerset Mill is an integrated pulping and papermaking operation where we manufacture graphic papers, packaging and label papers and bleached chemical pulp.

Does Sappi make paper?

In the recycled pulping process, newspapers, cardboard boxes and magazines are de-inked at some of Sappi’s mills. End-uses for paper made this way include linerboard and fluting for onward conversion into cartons and boxes. Click here to learn more about the next steps in the papermaking process.

What does Sappi stand for?

South African Pulp and Paper Industries Limited
It began during the historic moment when South African Pulp and Paper Industries Limited was established on 17 December 1936. Our name was soon abbreviated to ‘SA Pulp’, which later became known as Sappi.

What is Sappi known for?

Sappi is a leading global provider of everyday materials made from woodfibre-based renewable resources. As a diversified, innovative and trusted leader focused on sustainable processes and products, we are building a more circular economy by making what we should, not just what we can.

What products does Sappi make?

Our raw material offerings (such as dissolving pulp, wood pulp, biomaterials and timber) and end-use products (packaging and speciality papers, graphic papers, casting and release papers and forestry products) are manufactured from woodfibre sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations, in production …

How big is Sappi?

Sappi has almost 12,500 employees in over 20 countries and manufacturing operations on three continents. Learn more about our locations around the world.

What products does Sappi produce in South Africa?

Sappi Southern Africa operates five mills and has a combined production capacity of 93,000 m3 of sawn timber, 690,000 tons of paper, 624,000 tons of paper pulp and over a million tons of dissolving pulp per annum.

What does Sappi mean?