Who owns BLT restaurant?

Jimmy Haber
Jimmy Haber is the CEO of BLT Restaurant Group, and has been an investor and owner of restaurants and nightclubs in NYC for over 30 years. Jimmy is intimately involved in all details of development, construction and financing of more than 25 restaurants worldwide.

Who owns ESquared hospitality?

ESquared Hospitality (www.e2hospitality.com) is an international restaurant and hospitality group owned by Jimmy Haber and Keith Treyball.

Who owns BLT Prime NYC?

Longtime but recently closed upscale New York steakhouse BLT Prime makes its return today, this time on the Upper East Side — home to owner Jimmy Haber, the guy behind hospitality behemoth ESquared.

What happened to Paul from Hell’s Kitchen Season 9?

After Hell’s Kitchen, Paul went to work at BLT Steak but not as Head Chef. He left to become Executive Chef at Hudson at Waterway East and was later Exeucitve Chef at Racks Restaurant Management Group. Paul is currently Corporate Executive Chef at SALT7.

Who owns BLT Steak Las Vegas?

Danny Choukalas – Executive Chef – Blt Steak | LinkedIn.

Who is the head chef at BLT Steak New York?

paul niedermann –
paul niedermann – Head Chef – BLT Steak | LinkedIn.

Does Cliff Crooks own BLT?

He’s now the culinary director of BLT Restaurants, the restaurant group behind American steakhouses BLT Steak and BLT Prime, which have locations in New York City, Miami, Waikiki, Hong Kong, Seoul, and more.

Who is the head chef at BLT Steak NYC?

Chef Cliff has been cooking in prominent kitchens throughout New York City for more than 20 years. Prior to joining BLT Restaurant Group in 2010 as Executive Chef of BLT Steak New York, he held positions at Salute!, Blue Water Grill and Gramercy Tavern.

Did Paul become head chef at BLT?

Paul Niedermann was a contestant on Season 9 of Hell’s Kitchen. He was the winner of that season and was awarded a head chef position at BLT Steak in New York City, with a $250,000 salary.

Who is the head chef at BLT Steak in Las Vegas?

Ariel Malone
Ariel Malone Head Chef at BLT Steak at Bally’s Las Vegas.

Is Ariel still head chef at BLT?

After her appearance on the show, Ariel took up the head chef position at BLT Steak at Bally’s Las Vegas until January 2017, before moving on to other opportunities.