Who makes side charging AR upper?

Gibbz Arms
Gibbz Arms specializes in side-charging uppers, and their G4 upper receiver is a good-looking and hard-working upper that won’t let you down. They’re designed to work with standard AR-15 lowers. Other than a modified cam pin you have to install, there are no changes needed to the rest of your setup.

Why does my AR have a side charge?

Side Charge AR-15’s allow the operator to unload the weapon in a safer manner by having the weapon closer at hand, instead of the outreached arm balancing act offered by the traditional rear top charge handle.

What is a side charge upper?

A side charging upper is a variation of the upper receiver that relocates the charging handle of the AR 15 to the right side of the chamber. Traditional AR configuration charging handles are located at the rear of the firearm.

How does a side charging AR work?

Similar to an AK-47, side charging ARs are typically right side charging and right side ejecting rifles. This means that unlike a typical AR-15 that requires the user to charge the firearm with the weapon away from his/her body, these side charging AR-15s can be charged directly from the shoulder.

What is Nonreciprocating side charge?

With a non-reciprocating charging handle you can typically only exert rearward pressure on the bolt carrier and bolt. Rifles such as the M16, FAL, and HK variant weapons utilize either a forward assist, or notched bolt carriers to allow the user to ensure that the bolt is fully into battery.

What does non reciprocating mean?

Definitions of nonreciprocating. adjective. not moving alternately forward and backward. Synonyms: nonreciprocal.

Is side charging or rear charging better?

If you fire much from prone or a bipod, a side-charge makes life better. It’s easier to operate (only requires the shooting hand) and also allows easy use of an elevated cheekpiece for a better shooting position.

Is Bear Creek Arsenal mil-spec?

[Parts] Bear Creek Arsenal complete 16″ mil-spec uppers starting at $149 (add $79 for BCG/CH).

What is a non reciprocating charging handle?

Dual, Non-Reciprocating Charging Handles They lock forward on bolt-close and remain static during fire, providing superior forward assist capabilities. The two charging handles, one at a 30-degree cant, specifically designed to reduce interference with low-mount optics, come user-swappable in the field.

What is the point of a reciprocating charging handle?

Cocking handles can be reciprocating or non-reciprocating. The advantage of the former is that it gives the user complete control over the movement of the bolt and bolt carrier. It enables great force to be used to chamber or extract difficult or ruptured cartridges.