Who is the main villain in Prototype?

Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer is the main protagonist of the 2009 video game Prototype and later the main antagonist of the 2012 sequel Prototype 2. Initially being an anti-heroic protagonist who gained his powers from an experimental bioweapon after he died as a human.

How fast is Alex Mercer?

around 200 to 500mph
Superhuman Speed: Mercers speed is far above that of a normal human. Being able to run far faster than the average car, making them appear as if they are standing still. He has been shown to out run helicopters chasing him at times, putting his speed around 200 to 500mph.

Is Prototype 2 better than Prototype?

Prototype 2 gets a lot of slack for not being as fun or even remotely close to as good as Prototype 1. The two games can be played separately since you have two different main characters with completely different goals.

Why did Mercer choose Heller?

After freeing himself from the lab, Heller was once again confronted by Mercer. He explained that he had chosen to infect Heller because he wanted James’ help fighting Blackwatch.

Is Alex Mercer evil Prototype 1?

So, after the events of Prototype 1, as we saw on “Prototype The Anchor” comics, Alex went into the world to find the hope in humanity he lacked, only to be decieved and betrayed, he then made his way into Penn Station and released the virus again.

Why did Alex Mercer go crazy?

However, due to being consumed by the Blacklight Virus, Mercer eventually lost his faith in humanity and intended on infecting all of mankind, ultimately becoming the archenemy of James Heller, the main protagonist of the second game, who seeks to kill him for causing the death of his wife and daughter.

Will there be a prototype 3?

According to some resources, prototype 3 date release will be in 2021. Insiders say that the reason for the third part’s release postponement is several launches of the development process from the very start.

Which is better Infamous or Prototype?

Prototype has more upgrades, better upgrades, and better upgrades for those upgrades. inFAMOUS has a rubbish gliding ability that Mercer embarrassingly outmatches.

Will we ever get a prototype 3?