Who is the father of Elmo Magalona?

Francis MagalonaElmo Magalona / FatherFrancis Michael Durango Magalona, also known by the moniker Francis M, was a Filipino rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor, and television personality. He is widely regarded as the best and the most successful local Filipino rapper of all-time. Wikipedia

What is the age of Janine Gutierrez?

32 years (October 2, 1989)Janine Gutierrez / Age

Who is Janine Gutierrez father?

Ramon ChristopherJanine Gutierrez / Father

Who is Janine Gutierrez parents?

Lotlot de Leon
Ramon Christopher
Janine Gutierrez/Parents

Who is Elmo Magalona?

Elmo Moses Arroyo Magalona (born 27 April 1994) is a Filipino actor and singer. He is currently an artist of ABS-CBN and Star Magic. He is the child of Francis Magalona and Pia Magalona.

How old is Francis Magalona?

44 years (1964–2009)Francis Magalona / Age at death

Is Janine Gutierrez Filipino?

Janine Gutierrez was born on October 2, 1989 in Quezon City, Philippines.

How tall is Janine Gutierrez feet?

5′ 7″Janine Gutierrez / Height

How is Ruffa and Janine Gutierrez related?

Showbiz in her veins Furthermore, Janine is the niece of her father’s half-siblings: Tonton, Ruffa, Richard, and Raymond Gutierrez.

Who is Lotlot de Leon parents?

Nora Aunor
Donald OlsonEva Rodriguez
Lotlot de Leon/Parents

How is Janine related to Eddie Gutierrez?

Showbiz in her veins Janine comes from a family whose members have long been part of the entertainment industry. Her parents are Lotlot de Leon and Ramon Christopher Gutierrez, while her paternal grandparents are singer Pilita Corrales and veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez.

How many kids does lotlot and monching have?

four children
and they only want you to be happy,” she said. Lotlot and Monching were married in 1989 and had four children together, including Janine.