Who is the congressman of Quirino province?

The district is currently represented in the 18th Congress by Junie E. Cua of the PDP–Laban.

What are the barangay of Cabarroguis Quirino?

These are the barrios of Zamora, Banuar, Burgos, Del Pilar, Dibibi, Eden, Villamor and five (5) more sitios of Villapeña, Villarose, Tucod, Calaocan and Dingasan at the municipality of Aglipay: barrios of San Marcos, Gundaway and portion of Mangandingay at the municipality of Diffun and the other part of Mangandingay …

How many municipalities are in a Quirino?

Six municipalities
Six municipalities comprise the province of Quirino: Cabarroguis, Diffun, Aglipay, Maddela, Nagtipunan, and Saguday.

How many districts are in Quirino province?

one congressional district
Quirino has six municipalities: Cabarroguis, the capital town, Saguday, Diffun, Maddela, Nagtipunan, and Aglipay. The province has one congressional district and 110 barangays. The province has a mean annual temperature of 26.6 degree Celsius.

Who is Junie Cua?

Junie E. Cua is the current Governor of Quirino and previously served as its Representative for 20 years from 1987 to 1998 and from 2001 to 2010.

What is the region of Quirino province?

Cagayan Valley
Quirino Province lies in the southeastern portion of Cagayan Valley (Region II), approximately between 15° 54.8′ to 16° 38.6′ W latitude and 121° 00′ to 122° 02′ N longitude.

What is the dialect in Quirino province?

Quirino has six municipalities, one congressional district and 110 barangays. The major dialect is Ilocano, spoken by 71.46 percent of the total populace. Other dialects are Ifugao, Bugkalot, Pangasinense, and Kankanai.

What is the capital of Laguna?

Santa Cruz
Laguna (province)

Capital Santa Cruz
Largest city Calamba
• Governor Ramil Hernandez (PDP–Laban)

How many barangays are in Quirino?

Quirino is politically subdivided into 21 barangays.

Who is the first governor of Quirino province?

Dionisio A. Sarandi
The province of Quirino was formally established on February 10, 1972, upon the assumption to office of the first elected provincial and municipal officials headed by Dionisio A. Sarandi as Provincial Governor.

Who is the mayor of Quirino Isabela?

Edward D. Juan
Quirino, Isabela

• Mayor Edward D. Juan
• Vice Mayor Maria Nerizza J. Callangan
• Representative Faustino Michael Carlos T. Dy III
• Electorate 16,190 voters (2019)

How many people are in a Quirino?

Quirino is a province in the Philippines situated in the Cagayan Valley region occupying the northeastern section of Luzon. Its capital is the Municipality of Cabarroguis. The province has a land area of 2,319.66 square kilometers or 895.63 square miles. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 203,828.