Who is the CEO of Quran com?

Abrar Hussain – Founder
Abrar Hussain – Founder & CEO – Quran Online India | LinkedIn.

Is the Quran the best selling book of all time?

At the top of the list, unsurprisingly, is the Bible. The Guinness Book of World Records estimates that more than 5 billion copies of the Bible have been printed. Other religious texts are also high on the list: the Quran with 800 million copies, the Book of Mormon with 120 million.

How long is the Koran?

77,430 words
According to one estimate the Quran consists of 77,430 words, 18,994 unique words, 12,183 stems, 3,382 lemmas and 1,685 roots.

Is there a Koran in English?

Perhaps the best Quran English translation. It is clear, easy to read, and very faithful to the Arabic original. It closely follows the Arabic text, and often reminds the reader of the Arabic original. It uses today’s English language, and today’s English vocabulary, thus it is easy to read and understand.

Which country made Quran com?

Where is Quran.com ‘s headquarters? Quran.com is located in Cedar Park, Texas, United States .

How can I learn Quran?

How To Learn Quran Easy?

  1. STEP 1: Learn To Read The Quran. Reading Quran Basics Course at QuranAyat.com.
  2. STEP 2: Learn To Recite The Quran.
  3. STEP 3: Learn Tajweed Rules.
  4. STEP 4: Learn To Memorize The Quran.
  5. STEP 5: Get Ijazah & Start Teaching Quran.
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What is older the Bible or the Koran?

Knowing that versions written in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament does predate the Quran, Christians reason the Quran as being derived directly or indirectly from the earlier materials. Muslims understand the Quran to be knowledge from an omnipotent God.

How should a beginner start reading the Quran?

Here are some tips for understanding this important holy text.

  1. Gain a Basic Knowledge of Islam. Robertus Pudyanto / Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images.
  2. Choose a Good Quran Translation.
  3. Choose a Quran Commentary or Companion Book.
  4. Ask Questions.
  5. Continue to Learn.

What is the most accurate Quran translation?

George Sale’s two-volume translation was to remain the most widely available English translation over the next 200 years, and is still in print today, with release of a recent 2009 edition.