Who is Krishnam Raju wife?

Shyamala DeviKrishnam Raju / Wife (m. 1996)

When Krishnam Raju got married?

September 20, 1996 (Shyamala Devi)Krishnam Raju / Wedding date

Who is Krishnam Raju to Prabhas?

Prabhas was born in to film producer Uppalapati Surya Narayana Raju and Siva Kumari. The youngest of the three children, he has a brother, Prabodh and a sister, Pragathi. He is the nephew of Telugu actor Krishnam Raju.

What is the age of Krishna Raju?

82 years (January 20, 1940)Krishnam Raju / Age

What is the age of Kaikala Satyanarayana?

86 years (July 25, 1935)Kaikala Satyanarayana / Age

What happened to Krishnam Raju first wife?

Krishnam Raju first married Seeta Devi who died. He later married Syamala Devi on 20 September 1996, with whom he has three daughters. Film producer U. Suryanarayana Raju is his younger brother and actor Prabhas is his nephew.

Is Prabhas married to Anushka?

In an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in, the Baahubali star spoke about how he is constantly asked about his wedding. For several years, he has been linked to Anushka Shetty. But, both of them rubbished the rumours and said that they were best friends.

Did Prabhas get married?

In an interview with News18, he opened up about his marriage plans. Prabhas said, “My prediction on love went wrong and that is the reason I haven’t got married. During Baahubali, I told my mother to let me finish the movie, then I’ll think about it.

Who is Prabhas father?

Uppalapati Surya Narayana RajuPrabhas / Father

Who is the son of Kaikala Satyanarayana?

Kaikala Laxmi NarayanaKaikala Satyanarayana / Parents

What happened Kaikala Satyanarayana?

In October, Kaikala Satyanarayana was admitted to a hospital after he slipped and fell at his home in the city. The doctors who treated him stabilised his vitals. Now, he has fallen seriously ill yet again. On November 20, he was rushed to Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad after his health condition deteriorated.