Who is Autry sidekick?

Maxwell Emmett “Pat” Buttram
Maxwell Emmett “Pat” Buttram was an American actor, best known for playing the sidekick of Gene Autry and the character of Mr. Haney in the TV series Green Acres. He had a distinctive voice which, in his own words, “.

Is Smiley Burnette still alive?

February 16, 1967Smiley Burnette / Date of death

Was Smiley Burnette married?

Dallas McDonaldSmiley Burnette / Spouse (m. 1940–1967)

What is Smiley Burnette real name?

Lester Alvin BurnettSmiley Burnette / Full name

What was Gene Autry’s horse’s name?

His horse, Champion, and his sidekick, Smiley Burnette, usually starred with him. Aided by the popularity of his films, Autry had a string of hit recordings, including “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”(1935) and his signature song, “Back in the Saddle Again” (1939).

What was Mr. Haney first name?

In several episodes throughout the series Mr. Haney’s first name is said to be Eustace. However, in Green Acres: The Deputy (1966), his cousin calls him Charlton.

Did Gene Autry have a sidekick?

Pat Buttram, the bulbous-nosed raconteur who rode Melody Ranch with Gene Autry, portrayed a shrewd landowner amid the verdant scenery of “Green Acres,” and more recently had been an irreverent presence over the airwaves of Los Angeles, died Saturday.

Who played Frog on Gene Autry?

In 1934, both Gene and Smiley made their debuts in In Old Santa Fe (1934). Smiley became well known as Gene’s plump sidekick Frog Milhouse, and they worked together in over 80 Westerns.

What happened to Gene Autry’s horse champion?

The original Champion died in 1943, at the age of 17, from apparent heart attack while Gene was in the army. He was buried at Melody Ranch by Autry’s horse trainer John Agee, who had previously worked for 14 years for Tom Mix.

Who played frog in the old Westerns?

What breed was Trigger Roy Rogers horse?

Golden Palomino stallion
Trigger, Roy Rogers’ beautiful Golden Palomino stallion, and co-star with Roy in many of his movies and Roy’s TV show, was often billed as “the smartest horse in the movies”.

What was the name of Hopalong Cassidy’s horse?

Mr. Boyd’s portrayal of Hopalong—a “good guy” who wore a black hat but was a paragon of virtue — was the longestrunning characterization in Hollywood history. He rode the range on his horse, Topper, for a quarter of a century in movies and on television.