Who famous was born on June 3?

Country singer Jamie O’Neal is 54. Singers Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez of No Mercy are 51. Actor Vik Sahay (“Chuck”) is 51. Singer Lyfe Jennings is 49.

What is June 3rd famous for?

1861 – American Civil War: Battle of Philippi (also called the Philippi Races): Union forces rout Confederate troops in Barbour County, Virginia, now West Virginia. 1864 – American Civil War: Battle of Cold Harbor: Union forces attack Confederate troops in Hanover County, Virginia.

Who is the most famous person born in June?

June Celebrity Birthdays!

  1. June 1. Morgan Freeman. Brian Cox. Jonathan Pryce.
  2. June 2. Zachary Quinto. Stacy Keach.
  3. June 3. Imogen Poots. Anderson Cooper.
  4. June 4. Angelina Jolie. Bruce Dern.
  5. June 5. Mark Wahlberg. Lisa Cholodenko.
  6. June 6. Paul Giamatti. Robert Englund.
  7. June 7. Liam Neeson. Karl Urban.
  8. June 8. Kanye West. Jerry Stiller.

Who was born on 3rd June in India?

June 03 Famous Birthdays In India

S.No Birthday Celebrity Name Birthday celebrity Profession
1 Shibli Nomani Indian scholar
2 Har Bilas Sarda Indian academic, judge and politician
3 Baburao Painter Indian film director
4 Abani Mukherji Indian revolutionary

What happened on June 3rd 1989?

In what is known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre (Chinese: 天安门大屠杀; pinyin: Tiān’ānmén dà túshā), troops armed with assault rifles and accompanied by tanks fired at the demonstrators and those trying to block the military’s advance into Tiananmen Square.

Which billionaire was born in June?

1) Jim Walton, born June 7, 1948: $34 billion (£26.5bn) net worth. Courtesy Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The youngest son of Walmart founder Sam Walton and the richest June-born person in the world, Jim Walton inherited a 20% stake in the world’s largest retailer upon his father’s death in 1992.

What rapper is born in June?

Late rapper Tupac Shakur was born on June 16, 1971.

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