Who dies in season 3 of Criminal Minds?

Jason Gideon
Jason Gideon was murdered. The team was called to a cabin, only to discover that Jason Gideon—who served as a key member of the BAU in Seasons 1 through 3—had been shot dead. Luckily, he left behind a series of clues meant to help the team finally catch the one UnSub that had alluded him his entire career.

Who plays Katie in season 3 of Criminal Minds?

Ariel Winter
In the episode “Seven Seconds”, Ariel Winter guest-starred as Katie Jacobs, a young girl who is kidnapped at a shopping mall. Suzanne Cryer guest-starred as Susan Jacobs, Katie Jacobs’ aunt who might be involved in her disappearance.

Who played Carrie on Criminal Minds?

Jhoanna Flores
Jhoanna Flores: Carrie Ortiz.

Who was the killer in season 3 episode 1 of Criminal Minds?

Nathan Tubbs
Nathan Tubbs, a.k.a. “The Campus Killer”, was a sociopathic spree killer who appeared in the Season Three episode of Criminal Minds, “Doubt”.

Did J.J. and Will Divorce?

William “Will” LaMontagne, Jr. is a recurring character on Criminal Minds. He is currently married to SSA Jennifer Jareau.

Who Molested Katie?

Modus Operandi Richard molested his niece Katie. Other than that, no other details were revealed about his M.O., although it is implied that he bought her an expensive necklace and presumably other items as a way to buy her forgiveness and/or silence.

Why did Elle Greenaway leave Criminal Minds?

Elle was portrayed by Lola Glaudini, whose reasons for leaving the show were that she had become unhappy with being in Los Angeles and wanted to go back to the East Coast.

Who played Olivia on Criminal Minds?

Devika Parikh
“Criminal Minds” Secrets and Lies (TV Episode 2006) – Devika Parikh as Olivia Hopkins – IMDb.

Who was the killer in season 3 episode 2 of Criminal Minds?

Joe Smith was a misogynistic abductor, and serial-turned-spree killer who appeared in Season Three episode of Criminal Minds, “In Name and Blood”.