Who did the original version of spooky?

saxophonist Mike Sharpe
“Spooky” was originally an instrumental song performed by saxophonist Mike Sharpe (Shapiro), written by Shapiro and Harry Middlebrooks Jr, which first charted in 1967 hitting No. 57 on the US pop charts….Spooky (Classics IV song)

Released October 1967
Recorded late summer/early fall 1967
Genre Pop rock psychedelic pop
Length 2:50

Is Whole Lotta Red experimental?

“Whole Lotta Red” – An Experimental Masterpiece – Saxon Scribe.

How many versions of Whole Lotta Red are there?

These leakers had a detrimental effect on the album’s release, making three different versions of Whole Lotta Red available to the public. The third variation ended up as the official release.

Who originally sang Whole Lotta Love?

Led Zeppelin
Whole Lotta Love

“Whole Lotta Love”
Songwriter(s) John Bonham Willie Dixon John Paul Jones Jimmy Page Robert Plant
Producer(s) Jimmy Page
Led Zeppelin singles chronology
“Good Times Bad Times” (1969) “Whole Lotta Love” (1969) “Immigrant Song” (1970)

What happened to the Classics IV?

The cause was respiratory failure, a hospital spokesman told The Associated Press. The music of the Classics IV has been called hard to define, because of its changing lineup. Unquestionably, it lacked the hard edge that characterized much of rock during the years of the group’s success, 1968 to 1974.

Who SAX for Classics IV?

Guitarist James Cobb and producer Buddy Buie added lyrics to an instrumental called “Spooky”, a regional hit for saxophonist Mike Sharpe. The song made it to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the U.S., and #46 in the UK.

What genre is WLR?

Hip-Hop/RapWhole Lotta Red / Genre

What genre is Carti?

Indian Hip-Hop
Playboi Carti/Genres

Is Uzi A WLR?

Along with Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert confirmed his cameo on ‘Whole Lotta Red’ as well The Eternal Atake. The Philly rapper was with a friend on Instagram Live, where fans were commenting.

Will there be a Whole Lotta Red Deluxe?

About “Whole Lotta Red (Deluxe)” 2 contributors This is the deluxe version of Whole Lotta Red, the highly-anticipated sophomore studio album from Playboi Carti. On December 26, 2020, one day after the original version was released, the Atlanta rapper announced the deluxe version of the album through a tweet.

Who did Led Zeppelin steal Whole Lotta Love from?

Led Zeppelin II (1970) 1. Whole Lotta Love – Based off of a 1962 Muddy Waters song called “You Need Love,” written once again by the great Willie Dixon. The band was sued in 1985, and courts ruled in favor of Dixon. The copying comes mostly in the lyrics, as Page’s hard-hammering riff is his own work.