Who did Elton John have duets with?

Aside from his studio and live records featuring his friend John Lennon, he registered one of the biggest hits of his career with Kiki Dee in 1976’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”; had lesser chart duets with Millie Jackson, Cliff Richard, Jennifer Rush, Aretha Franklin, and others; and had a major hit with Stevie Wonder …

What is Elton Johns most known song?

‘Your Song’ “Your Song” is the single most important song in Elton John’s career. Before the single hit the airwaves in 1970 he was a struggling British songwriter with little to show for his years of hard work.

Did Elton John and Kiki Dee record together?

She performed at Live Aid in 1985, reprising “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” with John, and performing backing vocals on the other songs in his set. She also contributed backing vocals to John’s 1992 album The One, and a year later recorded “True Love” with John for his 1993 album Duets.

Who did Elton John originally duet with on Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?

Kiki Dee
Kiki Dee helped Sir Elton John score his first UK number one single with the classic duet ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’ in 1976. But how did the duet come about and what has she been up to since?

Why did Elton John wrote Don’t Go Breaking My Heart?

It was written by John with Bernie Taupin under the pseudonyms “Ann Orson” and “Carte Blanche”, respectively, and intended as an affectionate pastiche of the Motown style, notably the various duets recorded by Marvin Gaye and singers such as Tammi Terrell and Kim Weston.

Why did Elton John do a song with Kiki Dee?

The famous song was written by Elton John with Bernie Taupin under their pseudonyms ‘Ann Orson’ and ‘Carte Blanche’, and was intended as a fun pastiche of the Motown style. John and Taupin originally wanted to record the song with Dusty Springfield, but she was unable and dropped out.