Who created the mothership?

George Clinton
George Clinton says that when he created the Mothership, he was trying to outdo everything in rock ‘n’ roll, including the elaborate Broadway musical Hair. “I definitely felt we needed something to be proud of as black people,” Clinton says.

Is the mothership coming?

According to Collider, production for Mothership is scheduled to begin in the spring of this year. So, we have our fingers crossed for an early 2022 release date for the film.

Where is the original Mothership?

The concert prop started as a symbol of “what could be” and is now located in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.

What is the mothership George Clinton?

“The Mothership” is the centerpiece stage prop used by Clinton and his multiple bands during their live concert performances. This object is a near-exact replica of the slightly larger Mothership that was used exclusively at the closing moments of concerts during the height of the band’s popularity from 1976-1981.

What’s the meaning of mothership?

Definition of mother ship : a ship serving smaller craft.

What year did the mothership land?

The Mothership landed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in 2011 after Kevin Strait, project historian for the museum, acquired it to anchor the museum’s inaugural “Musical Crossroads” exhibition.

What’s the meaning of Mothership?

Who started P Funk?

Parliament/Funkadelic (or P-Funk) is an American Funk music collective founded by George Clinton and largely credited with being the “architects” of the Funk genre. Parliament/Funkadelic recorded over 40 hit singles, as well as three platinum albums.

Where does the term mothership come from?

The term mothership was also popularized in UFO lore by contactee George Adamski, who claimed in the 1950s to sometimes see large cigar-shaped Venusian motherships, out of which flew smaller-sized flying saucer scout ships.

What is a mothership in business?

​a place or an organization that is the base of something. The company is breaking away from the mothership and rebranding itself.

Is the mothership in the Smithsonian?

Where is Funkadelic from?

Plainfield, NJFunkadelic / Origin