Who are the songs in Chase Atlantic?

Mitchel Cave
Christian AnthonyClinton Cave
Chase Atlantic/Members

Do Chase Atlantic write their songs?

Chase Atlantic wrote, produced, and engineered the entire album themselves, making them one of the first artists to successfully merge SoundCloud rap and alternative R&B with pop-rock and alternative rock.

Is Chase Atlantic alternative?

Chase Atlantic (occasionally stylized as CHASE ATLANTIC) is an Australian alternative R&B band and production trio from Cairns, Queensland, formed in 2014.

How did Chase Atlantic get their name?

“[Chase Atlantic] literally means nothing,” says Cave. “It’s so hard to find band names, we just put two words we really liked together that can’t be associated with anything else.” “We have no cool backstory for our name but the music’s cool,” adds Anthony.

What is Chase Atlantic accent?

Australian accent
Never had I heard their name, and never had I heard their music. Needless to say, I was surprised when the three-piece spoke with a heavy Australian accent.

Does Chase Atlantic use drugs?

Their previous drug-related songs were exaggerated stories about the boys’ use of drugs, mainly weed and pills. This track, however almost flat out says “do not do drugs” while also talking about how he and his friends do drugs.

Is Chase Atlantic problematic?

Many social media prospects, consistent with experiences, have labeled Chase Atlantic as problematic. Conversely, there was a web-based scandal involving the band.

How popular is Chase Atlantic?

Thanks to your otherworldly sound, Chase Atlantic has racked up 957 million streams worldwide, gained fans all across the world and toured in 15 countries…

Are Chase Atlantic brothers?

Chase Atlantic is a trio formed by two brothers, Mitchel Cave and Clinton Cave, and one longtime friend, Christian Anthony, who produce, perform, and passionately conjure up dark alternative pop punctuated by rock and R&B.

Does Chase Atlantic do drugs?