Who are the main characters of Crossing the Wire?

As we learned, in Crossing the Wire (2006), Will Hobbs documents the journey of two 15-year-old Mexican boys, Victor Flores and Rico Rivera, across the border into the U.S. Rico hires a coyote (i.e., wayfarers who herald South and Central American migrants across the US border).

What secret did Rico show victor?

Under the cactus, Rico has hidden a jar filled with 1,500 American dollars. The amount astonishes Victor, who thinks, “My family could get by for more than a year on this much money” (4).

Who is Rico in Crossing the Wire?

Victor’s childhood best friend, Rico Gonzales, has recently crossed the border himself. One of Rico’s brothers who lives in the U.S. sent Rico $1,500 to pay a guide, called a coyote, to help Rico cross the border.

What is the theme of Crossing the Wire?

The main themes in the book are never give up, don’t be afraid, be careful, and stand up for what you believe in. They live by these themes and it affects them because they use the themes in their everyday life. Like never give up . Victor used this when he was caught by border patrol, he didnt give up and tried again.

Is Crossing the Wire based on a true story?

Los Arboles is fictional, as are Victor and all the other characters. But yes, Victor’s village is based on the real-life one.

What genre is Crossing the Wire?

FictionCrossing the Wire / Genre

When did Crossing the Wire take place?

In 2004, when Crossing the Wire takes place, more than half of all illegal crossings were into Arizona. The same held true in 2005. Hundreds die in Arizona’s deserts every year.

What is the setting in Crossing the Wire?

The main setting of the story is along the border towns of the United States and Mexico. The author of the book Crossing the Wire, is Will Hobbs. It is published by Harper Collins, and there’s a total of 216 pages. They jump onto another cliff nearby and make there way to Tucson.

Where does Crossing the Wire take place?

When falling crop prices threaten his family with starvation, fifteen-year-old Victor Flores heads north in an attempt to “cross the wire” from Mexico into America so he can find work and help ease the finances at home.

What is the main conflict in Crossing the Wire?

Conflict. The main conflict in Crossing the Wire would be man vs society, because many immigrants are trying to cross the border and there’s the border patrol there to stop them.

What is the climax of Crossing the Wire?

The climax in the story is probably when Victor was on the train and he needed to jump to the side of the train tracks so once he jumped he hit his head and got all cut up and needed to be rushed to the hospital immediately.