Which way do you rotate tires on a Subaru?

There are a few ways to rotate your tires:

  1. Rearward cross: for 4-wheel, all-wheel, or rear-wheel drive.
  2. X pattern: for front-wheel drive vehicles such as light-weight trucks and sedans.
  3. Forward cross: this is the most common pattern for front-wheel drive vehicles.

How do you rotate tires on a Subaru all-wheel drive?

For rear-wheel drive or AWD/4WD, the rotation pattern goes as follows:

  1. Left rear goes to right front.
  2. Right rear goes to the left front.
  3. Right front goes to left rear.
  4. Left front goes to the right rear.

Does Subaru need tire rotation?

It’s crucial to know when to rotate tires as a part of regularly scheduled Subaru service. As for how many miles to rotate tires, as a rule of thumb, you should generally rotate your tires every 5,000-7,500 miles. However, you’ll always want to check for the exact tire rotation interval in your model’s owner’s manual.

How often should tires be rotated on a Subaru?

every 7,500 miles
Automobile manufacturers of all-wheel drive vehicles, like Subaru, suggest tire rotation should occur every 7,500 miles or every 7.5 months, whichever occurs first.

Which tire rotation pattern is best?

Rearward Cross is the best rotation pattern for vehicles with rear-wheel or four-wheel drive where braking and steering are controlled by the rear or both axles. This is essentially the opposite of the forward cross pattern.

Are AWD tires directional?

In fact, there is an order to rotating tires on an AWD vehicle and following it is important. To rotate the tires on an all-wheel drive vehicle, you must follow an “X” pattern: the left front tire will go to the right rear and vice versa; the same goes for the right front tire, which will go to the left rear.

Do you rotate tires on an AWD vehicle?

It’s essential to have your all-wheel-drive vehicle’s tires rotated like clockwork. The tires on these vehicles wear at different spots, as each tire works independently of the other. These types of vehicles are much more prone to uneven tire wear, making a regular rotation a must.

How much is a Subaru tire rotation?

The average cost for a Subaru Forester tire rotation is between $35 and $44. Labor costs are estimated between $35 and $44. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

How do I know if my tires are directional or nondirectional?

In order to tell if your tires are directional or non-directional, look at the sidewall of the tire. If there is an arrow pointing to the vehicle’s front, words stating “This Side Out,” or V-shaped tread toward the tire’s center, these signs indicate directional tires.

What is the proper tire rotation pattern?

Front-wheel drive : Rotate the tires in a forward cross pattern. This means that the left front goes to the left rear and the right front goes to the right rear. The left rear goes to the right front and the right rear goes to the left front. Rear-wheel drive or AWD/four-wheel drive : Left rear goes to right front.