Which of the following is most common maintenance problem in turbine?

Main problems accurse in hydro turbine is cavitation, erosion,fatigue and material defects.

How does a Turgo turbine work?

The water in a Turgo turbine is moving quickly (high velocity head, figure 2) and the turbine extracts energy from the water by slowing the water down, which makes this an impulse turbine. The Turgo turbine is an impulse turbine, and can handle flow rates that are higher than those a Pelton turbine can handle.

How does a cross flow turbine work?

The water flows over the blades creating a torque on these blades. After hitting the blades, the sheet of water moves through the turbine and hits the blades once more as it leaves, producing more torque. The first impact the water has with the blades produces more power than the second hit.

How does a hydro turbine governor work?

The turbine governor is a system that regulates the inlet of water into a turbine, which in turn rotates the generator to produce electricity. In order to maintain a required generated frequency of 50Hz the speed of rotation must be kept constant.

What is the function of a surge tank?

Surge tanks are used to measure liquid flow rate and the combined shrinkage and meter factor. They are also used as a second stage separator, and hold a constant back-pressure by using an automatic pressure control valve on the gas outlet. Surge tanks are also used for storage.

What type of turbine is turgo turbine?

impulse water turbine
The Turgo turbine is an impulse water turbine designed for medium head applications. Operational Turgo turbines achieve efficiencies of about 87%.

Where are turgo turbines used?

Turgo Turbine is the preferred turbine for hydropower when the available water source has a relatively high hydraulic head at low flow rates. In a hydroelectric power plant, This is used to drive the generator of the turbine and that generator generates the mechanical energy of the turbine into electrical energy.

What is specific speed of turbine?

The specific speed value for a turbine is the speed of a geometrically similar turbine which would produce unit power (one kilowatt) under unit head (one meter). The specific speed of a turbine is given by the manufacturer (along with other ratings) and will always refer to the point of maximum efficiency.

What is the function of draft tube?

The principal purpose of the draft tube is to convert water kinetic energy into pressure energy. To decrease the velocity of the water and to raise the pressure of the water before joining the tailrace, the pipe is used to steadily increase the cross-sectional area.