Which koi fish is rare?

Ki Utsuri
Ki Utsuri, by far the rarest type of Utsuri, combine patterns of yellow over a lacquerish black body. Ki Utsuri are judged by the same criteria as Shiro and Hi Utsuri. Variations of Ki Utsuri include Gin Rin Ki Utsuri and Kin Ki Utsuri.

What is the most expensive type of koi?

In an auction in Japan, a red and white koi fish sold for a record $1.9 million dollars. This dubbed the transaction and the fish to be “The World’s Most Expensive Fish”. The koi fish was purchased by a collector in Taiwan for $1.3 million more than the previous world record holder.

How much is a koi carp worth?


Shop Source Price
Petco US fish farms $10 – $17
Liveaquaria Standard-quality East Asian farms $8 – $20
Next Day Koi Israel $35 – $650
Kloubec Koi Advanced koi quarantine facilities (US) $350 – $2500

What is the rarest color koi?

1. Ki Utsuri. Ki Utsuri are a variety of black koi fish with yellow splotches all over their bodies. They are members of the Utsurimono family and are considered among the rarest of koi varieties.

Can I sell my koi carp?

Common koi are relatively easy to breed and can sell for reasonable prices. The highly prized ornamental fish, however, require years of experience, breeding and care to cultivate. You should determine your goals (and start modestly) in order to successfully sell koi.

What is the rarest koi color?

What is platinum koi?

Platinum are solid color koi belonging to the Hikari Muji group. Its head should have a strong metallic shine and the pectoral fins and the entire body should shine dazzlingly.

Do koi fish turn into dragons?

Each time a fish would get close to the top, the demons would raise the waterfall higher. After some time passed, one Koi finally made it to the top. The Gods rewarded the koi by turning him into a beautiful, shiny, Golden Dragon.

What is Ogon koi?

Ogon (meaning “golden”) koi are metallic, solid, single-colored koi fish in the Hikarimuji class (Hikari – “shiny”; Muji – “one”). Ogon has become synonymous with a collective name for metallic, solid-colored koi.

Is breeding koi profitable?

Although it’s possible to buy cheap koi, breeding koi on a koi farm can be a lucrative business. Koi breeding can be profitable in one of two ways: 1) You raise baby koi fish and sell them when they are much larger. 2) You breed purebred koi fish varieties for a living.