Which has the highest lattice energy LiCl caf2 Cao ALN?

Thus we can conclude that LiCl has highest lattice enthalpy.

What is lattice energy explain with example?

It is defined as the heat of formation for ions of opposite charge in the gas phase to combine into an ionic solid. As an example, the lattice energy of sodium chloride, NaCl, is the energy released when gaseous Na+ and Cl- ions come together to form a lattice of alternating ions in the NaCl crystal.

Which has high lattice energy?

Answer: 1. Sodium fluoride (NaF) shows highest lattice energy among these compounds since Na+ features ions of the same charge, the lattice energy increases as the size of the ions increases.

What does lattice energy depend on?

The lattice energy depends on the sum of the anion and cation radii (r+ + r-), whereas the hydration energy has separate anion and cation terms. Generally the solvation of small ions (typically cations) dominates the hydration energy because of the 1/r2 dependence.

Which has the highest lattice energy LiF LiCl NaCl MgO?

As a result, the distance between the positive and negative ions is less in MgO than in NaCl, LiCl, and LiF and as a result, the forces of attraction will be greater in ‘MgO’. So, ‘Mgo’ has maximum lattice energy. Hence, (A). Mgo is the correct answer.

Which will have the highest lattice enthalpy LiBr LiCl LiI LiF?

1 Answers. LiBr>LiCl>LiI>LiF *LiF has the highest lattice enthalpy and hence is least soluble in water.

What does higher lattice energy mean?

As we increase the ion charge variable, lattice energy increases. This means that ions with larger charge values will produce ionic compounds with greater lattice energies. In turn, ions possessing weaker charges decrease the lattice energies of their compounds.

What two factors affect lattice energy?

Factors that affect lattice energy The strength of ionic bond increases with the increase of lattice energy. And lattice energy depends on two factors: size or radius of ions and charge of ions.

Which has lowest lattice energy?

Lattice energy decreases as the size of ions increases. Compared to other compounds, the size of cation and anion is highest in cesium iodide. Hence the lattice energy is lowest for cesium iodide.

What does high lattice energy mean?