Which country is Ahmed Deedat from?

South African
Ahmed Deedat/Nationality

Who is Sheikh Ahmed Deedat?

Ahmed Husein Deedat (Gujarati: અહમદ હુસેન દીદત; Urdu: احمد حسین دیدات Arabic: احمد حسين ديدات), also known as Ahmed Deedat (1 July 1918 – 8 August 2005), was a self-taught Muslim thinker, author, and orator on Comparative Religion from South Africa.

Is Ahmed Deedat still alive?

August 8, 2005Ahmed Deedat / Date of death

How did Zakir Naik meet Ahmed Deedat?

“I was inspired by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, a [South African] preacher and Muslim scholar of the Bible. I first met him in December 1987, when I was a second-year student at medical college. Before that, I had seen a couple of his video cassettes. When he came to India, we organised a lecture.

When did Ahmed Deedat born?

July 1, 1918Ahmed Deedat / Date of birth

Is Yousuf Deedat dead?

January 17, 2020Yusuf Deedat / Date of death

Where is Dr Zakir Naik now?

In July 2019 Interpol refused to issue a Red corner notice against Naik after repeated requests by the Indian Government. Naik currently resides in Malaysia, where he has permanent resident status.

Is Zakir Naik a real doctor?

Following in his footsteps, Zakir Naik (and his brother Mohamed) also did his MBBS degree from BYL Nair college when he came across Ahmed Deedat, a South African Muslim missionary of Indian origin in 1987. This was the turning point.

What is the meaning of Deedat?

3 submissions from all over the world agree the name Deedat means “gift of god” and is of Urdu origin. 2 submissions from Nigeria and Ghana agree the name Deedat means “Give of God” and is of Arabic origin.

What happened to Ahmed Deedat son?

Police colonel Thembeka Mbele said 65-year-old Yousuf Deedat – son of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat – was shot in the head as he walked towards the Verulam family court on the outskirts of Durban with his wife. Mbele said an unknown suspect opened fire, shooting Deedat in the head.

How old was Ahmed Deedat when he died?

87 years (1918–2005)Ahmed Deedat / Age at death

Deedat suffered a stroke in 1996 that left him paralysed and without the power of speech. Doctors said he would not live, but Deedat continued to work, finally passing away on 8 August from kidney failure. He was 87.