Which capital city is located on the highest line of latitude?

Quito (/ˈkiːtoʊ/; Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkito] ( listen); Quechua: Kitu), formally San Francisco de Quito, is the capital and most populous city of Ecuador, with an estimated population of 2.8 million in its urban area.

What cities are longitude?

Major Cities: Latitude, Longitude, and Corresponding Time Zones

Latitude Longitude
Amsterdam, Netherlands 52 53 E
Ankara, Turkey 39 55 E
Asuncin, Paraguay 25 40 W

What are the countries that belong to longitude and latitude?

Countries, Capitals, Latitude and Longitude Table

Country Capital Longitude
Afghanistan Kabul 69°11’E
Albania Tirane 19°49’E
Algeria Algiers 03°08’E
American Samoa Pago Pago 170°43’W

How many capital cities are on the equator?

Top 10 Capitals Closest to the Equator Quiz Stats

Latitude Capital % Correct
0 15′ S Quito, Ecuador 93.6%
1 17′ S Nairobi, Kenya 64.4%
0 19′ N Kampala, Uganda 52.5%
1 17′ N Singapore, Singapore 49.1%

What is the furthest capital city from the equator?

Fifteen capital cities lie in between latitudes -20 to -41 to the south of the equator….The World’s Southernmost Country Capitals.

Rank City Latitude
1 Wellington, New Zealand -41.28
2 Canberra, Australia -35.3
3 Montevideo, Uruguay -34.88
4 Buenos Aires, Argentina -34.6

Which country is 22 north and 78 west?

Latitude and Longitude of Jamaica

Location Latitude Longitude
Morant Pt. 17°55’N 76°12’W
Negril 18°22’N 78°20’W
Pedro Cays 17°05’N 77°48’W
Port Antonio 18°10’N 76°30’W

What cities are on the same latitude?

Beijing is roughly the same latitude as San Francisco, while Tokyo is level with Los Angeles. Shanghai and Taipei are at the same latitude as the Baja Peninsula, while Vancouver and Seattle sit at roughly the same latitude as Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

What latitude is Rome?

41.9028° N, 12.4964° ERome / Coordinates

What Cities are on the same latitude?

Which country has the highest latitude?

List of countries by northernmost point

Country Northernmost point Latitude
Russia Cape Fligely, Rudolf Island, Franz Josef Land, Arkhangelsk Oblast Cape Chelyuskin, Krasnoyarsk Krai (mainland) 81°51′N 77°43′N
Norway Rossøya, Svalbard Cape Nordkinn, Finnmark County (mainland) 80°49′N 71°08′N