Where is LG TV serial number?

The model / serial number label tag identifying each specific LG television product is located on the box packaging, at the rear of the television and can also be found by accessing the on-screen menu system.

How do I know if my LG LED TV is original in Nigeria?

The LG TV will have an LG model number and serial number on the back cover. The model and serial number should be seen on a label which has been printed by LG. After this, go to the menus and then settings menu where you will find a device information screen which also has the serial number of the TV.

How do I know if my TV is original?

Know the customer care hotline of the manufacturer Also, you can call the customer care before you make payment and give them the serial number to confirm if it is a genuine one. Especially relevant, the packaging box must carry the OEM’s toll-free contact number, service centre address and the brand logo.

What do LG TV numbers mean?

1: The single number following the letter denoting which series a TV belongs to reflects the year of release. Here, the 1 shows it came out in 2021. 4LA: These additional numbers and letters are the least important. They indicate the sales region, type of broadcast tuner and the type of stand the TV uses.

How do I know my LG TV is a smart TV?

What the Home or Menu button does on a smart TV. To check if your TV is smart, try pressing the Home or Menu button on your TV remote. If a number of squares showing small ads for TV shows, or logos for apps such as YouTube and Netflix appear, congratulations! You already have a smart TV!

Are LG TVS made in Egypt?

LG manufactures televisions at its plants in such countries as Korea, Mexico, Poland, Indonesia, Russia, China, and India. Accessories are made in Korea and China. Then the components are delivered to the assembly plants. On which large-knot assembly of televisions is carried out.

How can you tell a fake LED TV?

Most colourful and flashy boxes are indicative of a fake TV That is not to say that all TVs with colour box packaging are fake. However, this is the biggest sign of fake product because all genuine products come in carton boxes with exact product information and serial number.

What is LG brand code?

LG 5 Digit TV codes: 11423, 10178, 11178.

How do I read my LG model number?

The first digits refer to the screen size, followed by the screen type (S = Super UHD, N = NanoCell), and the development year (2018 = K, 2019 = M, L appears to have been skipped). The next number is the series and then the model within that series. Usually the higher the number, the better the specs.

What do the numbers and letters mean on a LG TV?

Is LED TV a smart TV?

With a smart TV, you’ll be able to do this and more on the big screen, thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports. Your smart TV is essentially an LED TV with internet connection and the ability to connect seamlessly to various portable devices!