Where is Ixion located?

Ixion is an Elite Mark from Final Fantasy XII. It can be found in the Penumbra-Interior area of Subterra in the Pharos.

How do I find my ixtab?

Ixtab is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII and a Rank II Mark found in the Phase 1 Shaft area of the Henne Mines. It becomes available to hunt after the storyline events in Eruyt Village are complete, after opening the path through the Golmore Jungle.

Where is Dantro?

the Dalmasca Estersand
Dantro’s Desert Escapades. Following the third hunt (for the Flowering Cactoid), you’ll need to talk to Dantro at the outpost in the Dalmasca Estersand in order to wrap things up and claim your prize.

How many black orb penumbra are there?

9 Black Orbs
The Penumbra The pedestal here requires 9 Black Orbs. In the single room behind it you’ll encounter a number of skeletons, and when they’re all defeated a Nightwalker will appear. The pedestal here requires 18 Black Orbs.

Where is the Pylraster in ff12?

Mark Location Pylraster is located in the exact same spot where you fought Hydro at the entrance to the Pharos at Ridorana. The zone is called “Thy Who Thirst Not”. You can warp to the orange Save Crystal in the Pharos of Ridorana and head directly west to find him.

Where can I find Dantro ff12?

he’s in the area called Outpost, sitting on a crate. I dunno why you think he’s on the north bank. Dantro is the contact for the Flowering Cactoid hunt, which is one of the requirements to open up traveling across the river to the north bank.

How do you get sassan across the river?

To satisfy Sassan you’ll need to get him across the river, but to do so you’ll have to keep him away from Nathyl. Choose the send Nathyl across the river first, and when you find yourself in the North Back Village, ride back across to the South Bank Village and don’t take anyone with you.

What level should I be for Subterra?

It’s recommended to not try and attempt visiting Subterra until you’re at least level 65. You won’t be able to access this area until you’ve completed the story at Pharos. To access Subterra, warp into the Pharos at Ridorana, and use the Dias of Ascendance to access the floor Penumbra.

Who is the strongest hunt ff12?

Hunt Battle: Pylraster Pylraster is one of the strongest Marks that you will have fought so far. He has a lot of HP and he hits particularly hard.

How do I beat Vayne ff12?

Start the battle by using Dispel to remove most of Vayne’s positive buffs. After a cutscene when Vayne’s HP falls to 50%, you should cast the spell again. If you still have the same Gambit set from your earlier battle with Vayne, don’t change them. Just shift your characters to target the enemy with the highest max HP.