Where does the South Platte River Trail start?

To begin your hike, the trail starts on the east side of the REI Denver flagship store’s main entrance. Follow the trail along South Platte River as it passes the acclaimed Downtown Aquarium, Children’s Museum of Denver, and Sports Authority Field.

Is South Platte River Trail open?

The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. Dogs are welcome, but must be on a leash.

How long is the South Platte River Trail?

South Platte River Trail is only 19 miles long, and can be accomplished in just about 30 minutes.

Where does South Platte River start and end?

North Platte RiverSouth Platte River / MouthThe North Platte River is a major tributary of the Platte River and is approximately 716 miles long, counting its many curves. In a straight line, it travels about 550 miles, along its course through the U.S. states of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Wikipedia

Where does the Platte River start?

South Platte River
North Platte River
Platte River/Sources

Where does the North Platte River start and end?

Platte RiverNorth Platte River / Mouth

Is the Colorado trail closed?

Now Open 7 Days A Week (the canyon and trail are fairly normal *, opening a half hour before sunrise and closing a half hour after sunset) […]

Is the South Platte River polluted?

Sampling of South Platte River water by state inspectors found E. coli levels exceeding the federal recreational safety limit of 126 colony-forming units per 100 milliliters (cfu). The river contamination in 2018 reached as high as 17,300 cfu.

How many miles is the South Platte River?

439 miSouth Platte River / Length

Are there alligators in the Platte River?

Alligators are infesting the sewers of Lincoln and Omaha. One was spotted in the Platte River near Columbus stalking duck hunters working on their blinds for this fall.

Where does North Platte River start and end?

Where does the North Platte River start at?

Little Grizzly CreekNorth Platte River / Source