Where does RER train stop in Paris?

RER Paris – Stations Some of the main RER stations in Paris are St-Michel, Charles de Gaulle-Etoile, Auber, Les Halles, and all of the train stations like Gare de Lyon and Gare Montparnasse.

Does RER ticket include Metro?

The T+ ticket allows you to use every Metro line, all RER lines in Paris (Regional Express Network), all bus lines (except Orlybus, Roissybus, lines 299, 350, 351 and Noctilien night buses) and all Tram lines as well as the Montmartre Funicular.

Is RER faster than Metro?

The Metro can be the quickest and easiest way to travel short distances, but for longer distances, the RER is faster.

How many RER lines are in Paris?

The Paris RER is 5 express train lines connecting Paris city centre to surrounding suburbs. In Paris the RER acts as an express underground or subway train.

How do you take RER in Paris?

Insert your ticket into the slot with the magnetic side down. After you’ve gone through the turnstile, retrieve your ticket (which will be ejected by a slot on top of the divider). Keep the ticket with you, since you’ll need it to exit through the turnstiles at your destination.

What is the difference between Paris Metro and RER?

Metro and RER really are not that different. The only reason that you need to be aware of the difference is because of the tickets. As long as you use the metro, you can use the standard “zones 1-2” ticket. But the RER travels much further (zone 6) so you might need another ticket for it – if you go beyond zone 2.

Do RER trains have toilets?

According to them there are in fact 48 toilets on the Metro and the RER. Most of these, 32 in fact, are on the RER lines A and B which cross the Paris region and the centre of the capital from west to east and from north to south.

Are Paris Metro tickets valid on RER?

The RATP run the Metro, RER, buses and trams within Paris and a single ticket can be used on any of the four modes for a single journey.

What are the RER lines in Paris?

Paris RER lines

Line name Opened Length
RER A 1977 108.5 km / 67.5 miles
RER B 1977 80.0 km / 49.8 miles
RER C 1979 185.6 km / 115.5 miles
RER D 1987 190.0 km / 118.1 miles