Where do I send my transcripts to USC?

E-transcripts: USC now accepts official electronic transcripts from all countries, provided that the transcript originates from a secure site formally linked to the sending institution. Please instruct the vendor to email the transcript to [email protected].

How do I submit documents to USC?

To add a document to your application, upload it directly to your file via the USC Applicant Portal. Click Upload Materials and select the appropriate document type (note: you will receive a link to access the applicant portal within 1-2 days of submitting your Common Application).

How do I contact USC admissions office?

(213) 740-1111
For general inquiries regarding the undergraduate or graduate admissions process, please contact USC Office of Admission at (213) 740-1111.

How do I contact University of Southern California?

Please call (213) 740-1111 for assistance.

Does USC require official transcripts?

Transcripts: First-year applicants should submit official transcripts of all high school and college coursework completed. Letter(s) of Recommendation: One letter is required from either your school counselor or a teacher from your school.

Do you need to send transcript to USC?

USC must receive the hard-copy transcript in an official envelope from the school with the seal and any other security feature in tact. The transcript can be mailed by the school or the applicant and is considered official as long as the envelope has not been opened.

How do I contact USC by email?

For help with application-related questions, contact customer service by chat via the icon in the lower right corner, by phone at 857-304-2092, or by email at [email protected]. Note the following: Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM ET.

What is USC admissions scandal?

The Boston U.S. Attorney’s Office in March 2019 announced indictments related to the national admissions scandal known as “Operation Varsity Blues.” USC was shocked and deeply disappointed to learn that some USC students had been falsely presented to USC Admissions as athletic recruits with the assistance of an outside …

How do you send transcripts to universities?

The hard-copy transcripts should be sealed in an envelope and the flap of the envelope should be closed with the seal or stamp of the college or university before they are sent to the US institution.

Can I send transcripts myself?

An official transcript bears the original signature of the registrar and/or the original seal of the issuing institution. Transcripts and/or English translations may be mailed directly from a Registrar’s office to the Office of Graduate Admissions or you can choose to send the transcripts yourself.