Where did the name Kisatchie come from?

The name Kisatchie was derived from a tribe of Kichai Indians of the Caddoan Confederacy, who called themselves “Kitsatchie”. In the late 1800’s virgin forests covered 85 percent of Louisiana. Not only was most of the land in timber, much of it was in pure stands of magnificent yellow pine.

Where is Kisatchie?

The Kisatchie National Forest includes more than 600,000 acres of rolling piney hills and outdoor adventures. The forest is located just southwest of Alexandria and offers visitors some of the prettiest views in Louisiana.

Are there black bears in Kisatchie National Forest?

Diligent wildlife watchers may also catch a glimpse of a Louisiana black bear, bobcat, wild boar or even herds of escaped horses on the forest. The diversity of upland, riparian and aquatic habitats on the Forest make it an ideal location to view a wide diversity of wildlife across the Forest.

Can you hunt Kisatchie National Forest?

10) Can you hunt in the Kisatchie National Forest? Yes, With a state hunting license and a free permit for the preserves. Consult Louisiana’s Hunting Seasons and Wildlife Management Regulations for specific information.

What Quarter has a turkey on it?

Its reverse or tails side has a design emblematic of the Kisatchie National Forest, which Louisiana’s only forest. Designed by Susan Gamble and sculpted by Joseph Menna, it depicts a wild turkey in flight over blue stem grass.

How many acres is Kisatchie National Forest?

604,000 acres

Kisatchie National Forest
Area 604,000 acres (2,440 km2; 944 sq mi)
Established June 10, 1930
Governing body United States Forest Service
Website Kisatchie National Forest

Can you swim at Kisatchie National Forest?

There’s also the Kisatchie Bayou Campground and Day-Use Area, whose launch is open only to non-motorized boats. The fishing here, including bass, perch, sunfish, and catfish, is also excellent. Swimming is allowed in Kincaid, Caney, and Stuart Lakes.

Does Kisatchie National Forest have cabins?

The Kisatchie National Forest does not have any cabins for rental. The tab “Camping & Cabins” is a standard tab used across the Nation for all USDA Forest Service websites.

Is Kisatchie National Forest free?

Most national forest system lands are open, free of charge for your use and enjoyment. Entrance and user fees may be charged at some areas. ENTRANCE FEES are required for entering designated federal recreation areas such as National Parks and National Monuments.

How do you hunt Kisatchie?

If you wish to hunt in one of two National Wildlife Management Preserves on the Kisatchie National Forest, you will need a self-clearing permit. Hunters are also expected to follow all other Forest rules and regulations, observing authorized roads and trails and designated recreation areas.

What animal is on the 2015 Louisiana quarter?

Completing the design are encircling inscriptions of KISATCHIE, LOUISIANA, 2015 and E PLURIBUS UNUM. This quarter features a wild turkey in flight. The obverse of the coin has John Flanagan’s portrait of George Washington, which is common to all America the Beautiful Quarters.