Where are the Irish Guards based?

west London
The Irish Guards is based in Hounslow, west London.

Are the Irish Guards part of the British Army?

The Irish Guards (IG), is one of the Foot Guards regiments of the British Army and is part of the Guards Division. Together with the Royal Irish Regiment, it is one of the two Irish infantry regiments in the British Army.

Who is the commanding officer of the Irish Guards?

Robert Money FRGS – Commanding Officer – 1st Battalion Irish Guards | LinkedIn.

Who is the Colonel of the Irish Guards?

The Commanding Officer, 1st Battalion Irish Guards, Lieutenant Colonel James Aldridge, called the parade to attention and gave the order to present arms in a General Salute.

How old are the Irish Guards?

The Irish Guards have an over one hundred year-long history during which the regiment have served with distinction in almost all of the United Kingdom’s conflicts throughout the 20th and early 21st centuries ranging from the First World War to the War in Afghanistan.

Why are they called Irish Guards?

The Irish Guards was formed on 1 April 1900 by order of Queen Victoria to commemorate the Irish people who fought in the Second Boer War for the British Empire.

How do you identify a guard?

Telling the regiments apart From a distance they appear identical, but there are ways to distinguish between the regiments: The colour of the plume, and which side of the bearskin it is worn on. The spacing of the tunic buttons. The badge worn on the collar.

What do Irish Guards carry?

Most uniformed members of the Garda Síochána do not routinely carry firearms. Individual Gardaí have been issued ASP extendable batons and pepper spray as their standard issue weapons while handcuffs are provided as restraints.

Are Irish Guards from Ireland?

The regiment originally consisted of men of Irish descent from other regiments in the British Army but it now takes recruits from Great Britain generally and from around the world. Most Irish recruits are from Northern Ireland and usually from the Loyalist community.