Where are SP Tools manufactured?

BSC Australia
SP Tools is manufactured for the professional At BSC Australia, we source only the best supplies for our customers. Our team strives to uphold a professional standard of products and services.

Are SP Tools Made in China?

SP Tools is a premium brand from Australia. Since 1973, it has been designing and manufacturing all kinds of hand tools that are distinguished by ease of use, quality and design.

Where is Toolpro toolbox made?

the USA
Over 70% of our tools are Made in the USA. All of our tools are built to our designs and standards of quality, and we will always replace a defective tool.

Where are JBS tools made?

i work for Blackwoods NZ – the JBS branded tools are made in China – we have an office there going around looking for factories who make something worth buying (to our spec) and the tools do seem to be good.

Are Repco tools any good?

They have stood up very well, without a single issue to date. The metal box scuffs easily but is strong, and the mix of tools and extensions is a perfect basic foundation on which to build a comprehensive kit. With the warranty, they are definitely worth the extra coin over Repco’s other entry-level tools.

Are Toledo tools any good?

Trusted by professional users, Toledo is recognised for premium quality products, extensive ranges and innovative product development. The Toledo product range has grown to over 3200 products and is designed to make the task easier, faster and safer.

How much does a good tool box cost?

The price of a toolbox ranges from $15 to over $100, depending on its size and material. If you’re looking for a lightweight, plastic toolbox, you’ll pay less than if you’re looking for a heavy-duty steel or composite one.

Who makes Husky tool chests?

Today, Husky tools and tool boxes are made by a number of different companies, including the Apex Tool Group and Stanley Black & Decker. Most are actually manufactured in Taiwan and China from steel sourced there.

Are Toolpro sockets any good?

Overall, this is a good set for the money and surprising of good quality. For those who are looking for a set of good impact sockets, this is definitely worth considering.

Is JBS a good tool brand?

JBS tools are a quality build and are down right tough. So much so, that each set comes with a Lifetime Guarantee for our customers. Every JBS product comes with a 99-day, no questions asked, money back satisfaction promise. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it to us within 99 days for a full refund.

Where is KINCROME made?

Where are ‘KINCROME Professional Quality Tools®’ product manufactured? ‘KINCROME Professional Quality Tools®’ products are sourced from throughout the world including designed in Australia by Kincrome. All products are manufactured to ‘KINCROME’s’ highest specifications and quality standards.