When was the Ithaca Model 37 featherlight made?

Designed by John Moses Browning, and originally manufactured in 1937, the Model 37 Featherlight has stood the test of time, providing generations of sportsmen with a reliable firearm for all types of hunting.

What year is Ithaca Model 37?

In 1937, it was released as the Ithaca 37. With the depression dragging on and another war looming on the horizon, it was possibly the worst time to introduce a sporting arm. Many sporting arms ceased production entirely during the same period.

Does Ithaca still make the Model 37?

Ithaca has undergone a lot of ownership changes over the years. Today it is based in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and prides itself as a gunmaker still building every part of its guns in the United States. The Model 37 is still available with MSRPs starting in the $895 range.

Is the Ithaca 37 a good gun?

Given its simplicity in functionality and its inherent reliability, if you’re beginning to explore the shotgun sports, this is one shotgun model well worth your consideration. The Model 37 is most popular in its 12-gauge version. They’re also available in 20-gauge and 28-gauge.

When did Ithaca stop making guns?

There are continuing financial adventures under the name of Ithaca Gun, but the actual manufacturing has been out of the county since 1986. While in Ithaca, Ithaca Gun had a reputation for high quality and often artistically decorated guns.

How many shells does a Ithaca Model 37 hold?

Model 37 is a conventional, manually operated pump action shotgun. It uses tubular underbarrel magazine that can hold 4 rounds in standard configuration.

Is the Ithaca Model 37 A good shotgun?

Is Ithaca Firearms still open?

Ithaca Gun Company is still all-American made – Farm and Dairy.

Is Ithaca firearms still open?

When did Ithaca Gun go out of business?

In its day, Ithaca Gun was sold and advertised widely. In early celebrity endorsements, it was touted by Annie Oakley, of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and John Philip Sousa, America’s March King. After the final bankruptcy in 1986, the buildings on the shoulder of Fall Creek lay empty.